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Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 4,000,000 EGP
The real estate developer Palm Hills Developments
The project location Sheikh Zayed City
The project area 494 acres
Units Type Villas, apartments, town houses, twin houses
Units spaces: starting from 150 sqm
Installments periods up to 10 years
sales number 00201104894802

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound is considered one of the best compounds presented by Palm Hills Developments through its long journey in the real estate investment world, and we don’t see many projects in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed City like this luxurious projects that targets luxurious segments of society, and works on achieving their aspirations and dreams in having their favorable residential unit.

The location of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

The owner company knew from the very first that the location is one of the most important marketing factors to the project, specially if its a project, that’s why its location came to be on Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road in front of Sheikh Zayed City, as Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound is located close to the following:

  • Its located close to Gezira Sporting Club.
  • Its close to EMPC TV October.
  • Its close to New Giza October Project.
  • Its 12 kilometers away from Remaya Square.
  • Its 20 kilometers away from Lebanon-Square.
  • Its 28 kilometers from El Tahreer Square.

We can not deny that the project is close to a number of compounds in Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October like: Badya Palm Hills Project.

The space of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound is similar to an independent city on its own, and this is due to the vast area that it extends on which is estimated to be around 494 acres which is about 2 million sqm, and its worth saying that most of the space was allocated to green spaces and lakes, while residential units were established on a limited area to enjoy the wonderful nature as much as possible.

As there is a diversity in residential units, which vary as follows:

  • Apartments spaces range between 150 sqm to 250 sqm.
  • Independent villas spaces start from 300 sqm.

The design of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

The developer company cared to seek the assistance of engineering consultants and experienced professionals, including engineers, as they come to us with an architectural masterpiece with internal and external finishing, in addition to the unique architectural designs.

You’ll find in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound wonderful blending between the architectural styles with the comfortable natural scenes, with the availability of gardens and green spaces that surround all the services and residential units in the project.

Services of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound project offers services that meet the desires of the clients and satisfy their needs, either of the essential needs or the leisure needs, as we discuss through the following:

Essential Services

  • A comprehensive security system and guarding services are available 24/7.
  • A network of advanced surveillance cameras is distributed throughout the compound.
  • Cafes serving all kinds of drinks and upscale restaurants offering diverse cuisine.
  • Underground garages monitored by cameras and public parking areas to prevent congestion.
  • Comprehensive medical centers equipped for emergencies, as well as health pharmacies.
  • A commercial area featuring various shops and luxury international brands.
  • A luxurious 5-star hotel has been established for visitors and temporary accommodation within the compound.

Leisure needs

  • A social club with all facilities suitable for families.
  • Various sports fields, including those suitable for children.
  • Open areas for regular parties or barbecues.
  • Public and private swimming pools of different sizes, some of which are suitable for children.
  • Spacious green areas and colorful water fountains.
  • Play areas for children to enjoy various games with their families.
  • A fully-equipped spa in addition to a gymnasium featuring the latest equipment.
  • Safe running and cycling tracks away from main roads.
  • A top-notch health club and cinema halls offering all types of shows.
  • Open and peaceful areas for relaxation and enjoyment amidst nature.
  • A vast integrated resort dedicated to golf.

Advantages of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • A distinctive geographical location close to most vital areas.
  • Luxurious architectural designs reflecting the elegance of this residential community.
  • Natural landscapes that create a relaxing atmosphere and delightful green spaces.
  • The compound offers a healthy living environment through the use of clean solar energy.
  • A range of integrated services that serve residents, as well as diverse recreational areas.
  • Units and apartments of various sizes, including large spaces suitable for families.

Disadvantages of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

As we look into the services and features that are offered by Palm Hills, we can say that the residential compound is ideal to reserve a residential unit either to live or to invest, but there are some flaws as follows:

  • There are no limited spaces for a small group of people.
  • There are no educational services or hospitals available in it, but those services are widely available in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed City that are close to Palm Hills.

Payment systems and prices of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

The prices

The company offers compatible prices according to the abilities and services that’s offered to its clients, as follows:

  • Apartments average prices reaches up to 4,000,000 EGP
  • Independent villas price start from 10,000,000 EGP

Payment systems

The down payment value starts from 10% and different installment periods according to the payment package, but installing can reaches up to 10 years.

The developer company of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Palm Hills Developments is one of the stars in the real estate world, and the company has managed to create a unique brand name for itself in just a few years, earning the trust of its customers. The association of a project with the name Palm Hills now suggests excellence, luxury, and sophistication.

The company established in 2005, and it worked on implementing and developing many huge projects as it was categorized as one of the best real estate companies in Egypt, here are the most important works by Palm Hills Developments:

  • Hacienda Bay North Coast
  • Hacienda White North Coast
  • Village Garden Kattameya Compound
  • Casa Compound Sheikh Zayed
  • Badya Palm Hills one of the best compounds in October
  • Woodville Palm hills
  • Palm Parks in October
  • Capital Gardens Mostakbal City Compound
  • Golf Central New Cairo Mall

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The real estate developer

Palm Hills Developments

The project’s location

Sheikh Zayed City

The project’s area

494 acres

Sales number


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