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Nile Compound New Cairo

Built Year: 2023

Meter Price: 37000

Down Payment: 5%

Price starts from: 4,736,000 EGP
The real estate developer Nile Developments
The project location Fifth Settlement
The project's area 29 acres
Units Type Residential apartments, Sky Villas, Villas with a garden
Units spaces starting from 128 sqm
Installments period up to 10 years
Cash Discount 35%
A reservation down payment 30,000 EGP
Sales number 00201104894802

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Nile Developments is honored to present the latest creative and wonderful projects in the real estate world, with pride, we announce about Nile Compound New Cairo, under the name of “France is closer to you more than you can imagine” which reflects the French luxurious life styles.

This magical project is located in a strategic location in Fifth Settlement, and it enjoys a unique architectural design that mix between beauty and comfort, every detail in this project was designed with extensive care to provide the best residential experience for families and individuals looking for distinction and luxury.

Nile Compound New Cairo includes a varied group of luxurious residential units, starting from modern apartments that are designed in an elegant French way to the luxurious villas with unique designs, every unit is distinguished by high quality finishing and various spaces with different facilities to meet all your needs.

The location of Nile Compound New Cairo

The location of Nile Compound New Cairo
The location of Nile Compound New Cairo

The location of Nile Compound New Cairo was chosen carefully in the heart of Fifth Settlement, which make it a distinctive and ideal location for this new project by Nile Developments, Nile Compound New Cairo enjoys a direct view on the Suez-Road, which offers magical views and beautiful scenes

In addition to this, the location enjoys being close to many important facilities, which make it a desirable place to live and invest in, as there are a wide group of international schools, hospitals, and commercial centers in the area surrounding the project, as well as cafes and high-end restaurants and entertainment centers, which offer residents easy access to all their daily needs and guarantees them a comfortable life style.

Landmarks close to Nile Compound New Cairo

Nile Compound New Cairo enjoys a distinctive location which makes it surrounded by many landmarks and important places, as:

  • Nile Compound New Cairo is located 2 minutes after Mohamed Nagiub axis, which is one of the main axes in Cairo, the axis offers easy access and movement to other areas in the city.
  • Nile Compound New Cairo is 11 minutes away from Madinaty, which is a modern city that offers a wide range of services and facilities, including, commercial centers, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.
  • Nile Compound New Cairo is located 10 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, which offers easy access to travelers and make traveling more comfortable.
  • Nile Compound New Cairo is 1 minute away from Family Park, which is an entertainment park that offers activities and services for kids and families.
  • Nile Compound New Cairo is 2 minutes away from Al Rehab City, which is an integrated city that offers a wide range of services and facilities including schools, hospitals, and commercial centers.
  • Nile Compound New Cairo is 16 minutes away from New Capital, which is a New City project that will be a main center for all businesses and trading and culture in Egypt.
  • Nile Compound New Cairo is 10 minutes away from the AUC in Cairo, which is one of the leading universities in the region.

The spaces and design of Nile Compound New Cairo

Nile Compound New Cairo

Nile New Cairo enjoys a space of 29 acres as this space was utilized in a distinctive and modern way, as Nile Developments aims to launch a sustainable, clean, and eco-friendly project, that’s why there has been a focus on providing distinctive green spaces that cover the entire project, with the aim of providing a healthy and comfortable living environment for all residents.

A huge space was allocated for a central park in the project, to offer a healthy life style to all residents.

For the design, Nile Developments is creative in choosing the suitable design for its projects as The famous French design was chosen to present the latest projects by the company in Fifth Settlement, residential units design were taken care of in a distinctive way, aiming to provide customers with their required privacy, also focusing on offering unique designs that mix between elegance and comfort, which contribute in establishing an exceptional residential space for residents.

Nile New Cairo mixes between vast green spaces with the luxurious French design, which creates a residential environment and attractive for customers, Nile Developments is committed to present quality and distinction in all sides of the project, and this is to guarantee customers satisfaction and achieve their residential aspirations.

Units in Nile New Cairo

  • Residential apartments: Nile New Cairo enjoys luxurious residential apartments with unique and modern designs, these apartments enjoy spaces starting from 128 sqm, and include comfortable bedrooms and wide spaces, with high quality finishing and distinctive services.
  • Villas with garden: Nile New Cairo Compound enjoys luxurious villas that include private gardens and green spaces, villas enjoy various designs with comfortable spaces that suit families’ needs, with providing privacy, comfort, and an opportunity to enjoy the clear air.
  • Sky Villas: Sky villas are luxurious villa units that is in the upper floors of the project, which offers wonderful panoramic views.

Services of Nile New Cairo Compound

Nile Compound New Cairo

The latest projects by the Nile Developments offer a wide range of services and facilities that aim to meet the needs and interests of residents. In addition to luxurious homes, the following services are provided:

  • The project includes dedicated play and entertainment areas for children, where they can enjoy their time and play safely in a fun and protected environment.
  • There are also areas designated for barbecuing, where residents can host enjoyable times with family and friends and have barbecue meals in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.
  • The latest projects by Nile Developments also provide a number of swimming pools, which offer an opportunity for renewal and relaxation in fresh water.
  • Quiet and comfortable areas are provided for relaxation and enjoying reading time, where residents can enjoy peace and contemplation in a beautiful and refreshing environment.
  • Multiple sports fields are provided, such as soccer fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts, to encourage physical activity and sports practice. 
  • Dedicated pathways for walking and biking are also available, allowing residents to enjoy physical activity and walking in a safe and beautiful environment.
  • The latest projects by Nile Developments also include a shopping area that contains a diverse range of commercial stores and shops, providing residents with easy access to their daily needs and a comfortable shopping experience.

Prices of Nile New Cairo Compound

  • The meter’s price in units half finished, starts from 37,000 EGP.
  • The meter’s price in units fully finished, starts from 43,000 EGP.

Payment systems of Nile New Cairo

Nile Compound in New Cairo 2
Nile Compound New Cairo
  • You can pay 5% as a down payment, and installments over 6 years.
  • You can pay 10% as a down payment, and installments over 7 years.
  • You can pay 15% as a down payment, and installments over 8 years.
  • You can pay 20% as a down payment, and installments over 9 years.
  • You can pay 30% as a down payment, and installments over 10 years.
  • A discount of 35% in Cash
  • 40,000 EGP is to be paid as a reservation down payment

About Nile Developments

Nile Developments

Nile Developments is on of the leading companies in the real estate field in Egypt, the company was founded in 2002 and has a wide experience in implementing residential and commercial projects.

Nile Developments Company is distinguished by innovation and excellence in its designs and project implementation. The company aims to meet the needs of its customers by providing projects that combine luxury, quality, and sustainability. The company is a pioneer in applying the latest technologies and environmental standards in its projects to provide healthy and sustainable residential and commercial environments.

The company’s projects include a wide range of residential and commercial units, including apartments, villas, residential and commercial towers, and shopping centers. The company depends on a specialized team of engineers and designers to ensure project implementation with the highest quality standards and according to international specifications.

The most important projects by Nile Developments

  • Tycoon Tower New Capital, the longest tower in Africa
  • Nile Business City the highest horizontal City in Africa and New Capital
  • 31 N Tower New Capital.

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The real estate developer

Nile Developments

The project’s location

Fifth Settlement

The project’s area

29 acres

Sales number


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