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New Fustat City Compound

Receiving Date: 2024

Meter Price: 24000

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 3,120,000 EGP
Real Estate Developer: Saudi Egyptian Company for Development (SECD)
Project Name: New Fustat City Compound
Project Location: Central Cairo
Project Area: The project covers an area of 950 acres.
Installment Duration: Up to 7 years
Sales Number: 00201104894802

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New Fustat City Compound is the latest project by the Saudi Egyptian Construction Company in collaboration with the New Fustat Urban Communities Authority in New Fustat City. It is a fully integrated residential project with a strategic location in the Magra Al Oyoun area, offering direct views of Salah Salem Road. The company is also known for providing competitive pricing plans compared to neighboring projects, making it an ideal choice for those looking for high-quality homes in a prime location in Cairo.

The location of New Fustat City Compound

New Fustat City Compound

The Saudi Egyptian Company announces the launch of New Fustat City Compound, which is the first compound project in the heart of Cairo.

Close places to New Fustat City Compound:

  • It is located just a few minutes from the Museum of Civilization and Salah Salem Street.
  • It also benefits from its proximity to the Nile Corniche and the Citadel.
  • The airport and New Cairo area can be reached in just 25 minutes.

The design of New Fustat City Compound

New Fustat City Compound

The developer of New Fustat City Compound project has presented distinctive designs inspired by Western style with modern contemporary touches. In addition, the company has paid careful attention to all the interior and exterior details of the residential units, making it an exceptional project. The units feature stunning views.

The residential units offer a variety of designs, including buildings with ground + 4, ground + 3, ground + 6, and ground floors. This allows buyers to choose from a diverse range of units that suit their needs. Each building has one elevator, and each floor contains 4 apartments.

The space of New Fustat City Compound

  • New Fustat City Compound extends over an area of 950 acres, including 79 acres dedicated to entertainment areas. These areas include an open and closed theater, dancing fountains, and six cinema theaters, in addition to a Hilton hotel and a massive shopping center.
  • Ground Floor: 4 apartments (with an area of 130 square meters each) – one reception, a guest bathroom, a main bathroom, one bedroom, and a master bedroom with a bathroom.
  • From the first floor to the third floor: 4 apartments with 3 bedrooms on each floor, with varying areas of 170 square meters, 152 square meters, and 164 square meters.
  • Fourth and fifth floors: 4 apartments (3 bedrooms, including one panoramic room) – one with an area of 170 square meters and others with varying areas of 152 square meters and 164 square meters.
  • Sixth floor: 4 apartments (2 bedrooms with a large terrace instead of one room) – one with an area of 170 square meters and others with varying areas of 152 square meters.

Services of New Fustat City Compound

New Fustat City Compound

The owning company of New Fustat City Compound offers a distinctive range of services and facilities to ensure the satisfaction of its residents. Here is a comprehensive overview of the provided services:

  1. Swimming Pools: The compound features a large number of graduated swimming pools, suitable for all age groups, providing a unique relaxation experience.
  2. Security and Guarding: Security is ensured with the presence of surveillance cameras and a trained security and guarding team throughout the compound, ensuring safety.
  3. Scenic Views: Residential units boast scenic views of the swimming pools, green areas, and charming natural landscapes.
  4. BBQ Areas: Dedicated outdoor BBQ areas are available for social gatherings and entertainment.
  5. Spa and Well-Equipped Gym: The compound’s spa and gym feature the latest equipment and facilities, offering a luxurious wellness experience for residents.
  6. Children’s Area: A carefully designed area for children’s play is provided, ensuring their entertainment and safety.
  7. Sports Facilities: The compound offers designated areas for sports activities such as walking and yoga, catering to fitness enthusiasts.
  8. Advanced Fire Suppression Systems: The compound is equipped with state-of-the-art fire suppression systems to respond promptly to any emergency.
  9. Retail and Dining: The compound hosts a variety of renowned restaurants and brands that cater to all residents’ needs.
  10. Pet Care: Special areas are designated for the care and hosting of pets.
  11. Underground Parking: Large underground parking facilities accommodate up to 1400 cars, preventing any traffic congestion.
  12. With these exceptional services and facilities, New Fustat City Compound ensures a comfortable and enjoyable residential experience for its residents.

Prices of New Fustat City Compound

SED Real Estate Development Company has presented a range of residential units at competitive prices for New Fustat City Compound. This project stands out with its strategic location in one of the finest areas of El Fustat and its attractive pricing. Here are the price details:

  • The residential square meter price in New Fustat City Compound starts at 24,000 Egyptian Pounds, making it a unique opportunity to acquire a residential unit at a competitive cost.
  • Unit prices in the project start at 3,120,000 Egyptian Pounds, providing many individuals with the opportunity to invest in New Fustat City Compound and live in a modern and sophisticated residential environment.

Thanks to these competitive prices, individuals interested in real estate investment and residence in New Fustat City Compound can take advantage of the wonderful features of this project, enjoy its unique location, and benefit from its excellent services.

Payment systems of New Fustat City Compound

The developer of the project has ensured to provide flexible and convenient payment systems to meet the needs of customers looking for a residential unit in New Fustat City Compound. Their goal is also to encourage customers to invest and reside in this promising investment area in the real estate development field. The residential units will be handed over by the owner company in the second half of 2024 for the first phase of the project.

Details of the reservation and payment systems for units in New Fustat City Compound are as follows:

  1. Pay a 10% down payment and settle the remaining amount over 7 years, with the remaining amount divided into equal quarterly installments.
  2. Pay a 10% down payment and settle the remaining amount over 10 years, with the remaining amount divided into equal quarterly installments.

In addition, the company has set the reservation earnest money at 50,000 Egyptian pounds.

With these flexible payment systems, the company aims to make investment in its residential units in New Fustat City Compound accessible and convenient for a larger number of customers, with the goal of providing an opportunity for both residence and investment in this promising area.

Features of New Fustat City Compound

New Fustat City Compound

New Fustat City Compound boasts several features that make it an ideal destination for customers. These features include:

  1. The project enjoys a prime strategic location, making it an ideal center for both residence and investment. It is easily accessible from various areas and is situated close to key locations and transportation hubs.
  2. Offering convenient payment systems that cater to various financial circumstances of customers, making purchasing in the project accessible to all.
  3. Providing competitive prices that make the residential units in the project financially reasonable.
  4. Benefiting from a near-term delivery date for the residential units in the second half of 2024, allowing customers to quickly start utilizing their investments or residing in the project.

Thanks to these prominent features, New Fustat City Compound is an attractive choice for customers seeking residential units in a distinguished area that offers comfort and investment opportunities.

Flaws of New Fustat City Compound

Some individuals may have concerns about purchasing an under-construction residential unit, but when customers deal with a reputable company with a strong track record of successful projects, these concerns can transform into confidence in the investment. The Saudi Egyptian Company for Development serves as a good example for this purpose.

The company’s reputation and history in delivering robust projects reflect professionalism and competence in the real estate development field. This makes buying a unit in New Fustat City Compound a secure choice, as customers can rely on the quality of construction and on-time delivery.

Furthermore, well-established companies with good reputations can offer additional guarantees and warranties to reassure customers and enhance their confidence in the investment. This may include guarantees on infrastructure, construction quality, and compliance with environmental and social standards.

In summary, investing in a project like New Fustat City Compound, backed by a known and trusted company, reduces risks and increases confidence in the project’s ultimate success and investment satisfaction.

About Saudi Egyptian Developments

It appears that the company has a long history of experience in the real estate development sector in Egypt, and it is considered one of the major players in this industry.

Its establishment as an Egyptian joint-stock company with the collaboration of the Egyptian and Saudi governments demonstrates a commitment to executing significant development projects. The company focuses on creating distinctive residential projects in important areas such as New Cairo and Fifth Settlement, contributing to meeting the housing and investment needs in these emerging regions.

The company’s long history in this sector and its successful track record in executing exceptional residential projects make it a trusted name for both customers and investors. This success reflects the company’s commitment to achieving quality in its projects and meeting the expectations of the real estate market.

Projects by SED:

  • Jayed Fifth Settlement
  • Sawari Alexandria
  • Blue Vert New Capital
  • The Latin District New Capital

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Saudi Egyptian Developments

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New Fustat City

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