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Kardia New Capital Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Down Payment: 10%

كمبوند كارديا كابيتال لينك
Price starts from: 2,614,438 EGP
The real estate developer Capital Link Real Estate Development Company. 
Engineering consultant Hafez Consultants office. 
The project location the eighth district, R8. 
The project space extends over 23 acres. 
The percentage of buildings is about 20%. 
The type of units is apartments and duplexes. 
Units space starts from 130 square meters. 
Maintenance deposit to be paid one year before receipt at a value of 10%. 
Reservation down payment starts from 25 thousand - refundable. 
The term of the installments is up to 10 years 
Sales number 00201104894802

Kardia New Capital Compound is one of the upcoming residential projects competing strongly in the Eighth Residential District (R8) of New Capital. It comprises a collection of diverse apartments with competitive prices, along with providing a range of residential, living, and entertainment amenities.

Capital Link Developments offers magical solutions for those seeking luxurious residential units in upscale locations. Its latest project is Kardia New Capital Compound, which enjoys an ideal location in the finest residential neighborhoods of the capital.

Kardia New Capital Compound offers a unique model of residential units that meet the aspirations of individuals seeking simplicity and beauty in one place. In addition, Kardia New Capital Compound offers reasonable prices and exceptional features.

The location of Kardia New Capital Compound

Kardia New Capital Compound

For a long time, Capital Link has been striving to meet the expectations and trust of its clients, aiming to provide places that align with their aspirations and dreams. For this reason, the location of Kardia New Capital Compound was carefully chosen. This project is situated in the Eighth Residential District (R8), adjacent to the Diplomatic District, making it one of the most upscale districts in New Capital. Additionally, it boasts a distinctive view of two main axes and proximity to important vibrant areas.

  • Near the Government District and Diamond Hotel.
  • Close to the Opera House and the International Capital Airport.
  • Minutes away from the South Bin Zayed Axis.

The design of Kardia New Capital Compound

Kardia New Capital Compound is considered excellent for those with refined taste, as it combines elegant and unique European style harmoniously with green spaces and architectural structures. To achieve this, the company enlisted the help of some of the most renowned engineering consulting firms, such as Hafez Engineering Consultations and MasterLink.

The design of Kardia New Capital Compound in the capital includes the following points:

  • The compound extends over a total area of approximately 23 acres.
  • A building density of about 20% of the total area is allocated, while green spaces and landscapes constitute 80% of the project.
  • Around 90% of the units in Cardia compound enjoy direct views of the green spaces, providing a comfortable and appealing environment for residents.

By using elegant architectural elements and emphasizing the harmony between green spaces and buildings, Kardia New Capital Compound offers a unique and beautiful experience for its inhabitants.

The space of Kardia New Capital Compound

Kardia New Capital Compound

Kardia New Capital Compound is a residential project that extends over an area of approximately 23 acres. It stands out with its unique design and optimal land utilization to offer distinguished residential units that cater to the needs of various clients.

The residential spaces have been carefully designed to be diverse and suitable for different needs and interests. They include apartments, duplex units, and sky duplexes, all featuring modern comforts, practical design, and high-quality finishes.

Furthermore, Kardia New Capital Compound focuses on providing ample green spaces and integrated amenities for the residents. A significant portion of the area is dedicated to gardens and green areas that promote fresh air and relaxation. The compound offers integrated facilities such as swimming pools, recreational areas, fitness centers, barbecue areas, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial spaces, providing convenience and luxury for the residents.

Units in Kardia New Capital Compound

  • Residential apartments start with areas of 147 square meters in the first phase and areas starting from 175 square meters for the second phase.
  • Duplex units start with areas of 267 square meters.

Services of Kardia New Capital Compound

If you are looking for an upscale residential community that provides all the services and facilities to make your life easier, then Kardia New Capital Compound is the perfect place for you. Capital Link has taken great care to meet the needs of the compound’s residents, considering every little detail. Here are some of the facilities and services available at Kardia New Capital Compound:

  • A commercial center inside the compound, providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Underground parking spaces to facilitate safe parking for the residents’ cars.
  • Well-equipped swimming pools, including covered pools for those who prefer privacy.
  • Tennis and squash courts to cater to sports enthusiasts and residents’ interests.
  • Fitness area, spa, and jacuzzi for luxury and relaxation.
  • Dedicated cycling and walking tracks for sports and leisure activities.
  • The compound includes famous international restaurants and brands to meet all dining preferences.
  • Designated celebration areas for holding various events and gatherings.
  • Study and work spaces: Cardia Compound provides dedicated spaces for studying and working, offering a quiet and suitable environment.
  • 24/7 security and surveillance services to maintain a safe and stable environment for the residents.
  • High-tech surveillance cameras to enhance security and safety within the compound.
  • State-of-the-art fire-fighting systems for immediate response to any fire incidents.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services available throughout the week and day to ensure the cleanliness and safety of facilities.

By living in a residential community like Kardia New Capital Compound, you can enjoy a distinctive lifestyle that provides you with all the services and facilities you need for a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Payment systems and prices of Kardia New Capital Compound

Kardia New Capital Compound

The prices 

  • The prices in the first phase inside Kardia New Capital Compound start from 2,614,438 Egyptian pounds.
  • The prices in the second phase inside Kardia New Capital Compound start from 3,737,400 Egyptian pounds.

Payment methods 

  • Reservation deposit starting from 5%. 
  • An installment period of up to 10 years 

The available discounts are as follows:

  • Option 1: Pay 20% down payment and get a 20% discount. The remaining amount can be paid in installments over 4 years.
  • Option 2: Pay 10% down payment and get a 5% discount. The remaining amount can be paid in installments over 7 years.
  • Option 3: 50% discount for cash payment.
  • Option 4: 45% discount for the “Semi Cash” system, where you pay 50% down payment and the remaining amount can be paid in installments over one year.

About Capital Link Company

Capital Link for Real Estate Development is a leading company in the field of real estate development and investment, founded in Egypt at the beginning of 2020. Despite being relatively new to the Egyptian market, the company has managed to achieve significant growth and attract the attention of numerous clients and investors, thanks to its experience of over 20 years in the real estate sector.

Capital Link is distinguished by strong leadership and a distinctive strategic vision, with Ashraf Badee serving as the Chairman of its Board of Directors and playing a prominent role in its remarkable successes. Additionally, the company boasts an exceptional team of local and international experts and professionals with extensive experience in the real estate development industry.

Its most important precedent works 

  • Laval Mall New Capital 
  • Solano Mall New Capital 
  • Dorado Mall New Capital 
  • Verona Mall New Capital 
  • Spot 5 project New Capital 

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The real estate developer

Capital Link Real Estate Development Company. 

The project’s location

R8 In New Capital

The project’s area

23 acres

Sales number


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