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Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2026

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 7,900,000 EGP
The real estate developer Pioneers Company
The project location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed
The project area 77 acres
Installments system up to 4 years
Units Type: Duplexes and villas
Sales number 00201104894802

After the city of Sheikh Zayed evolved to become one of the most significant investment and development destinations in the region, we have decided to embark on an exciting new project that reflects the spirit of innovation and progress the city embodies. Introducing Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound a new step towards enhancing sustainable development and improving the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

We present to you Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound, which aims to provide a versatile environment that combines education, research, and innovation. The center will be home to a diverse range of innovative educational initiatives and programs aimed at developing the skills of youth and promoting innovation in various fields such as technology, engineering, sciences, and the arts.

The project will include modern facilities, including advanced laboratories and fully-equipped workshops with state-of-the-art technologies. Additionally, fully-equipped classrooms will facilitate the learning and interaction process. The center will also provide an inspiring environment for researchers and entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas and projects, offering technical and consulting support to ensure the success of their innovative paths.

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The location of Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound enjoys a strategic and exceptional location, as it is situated in front of the Rabea area, known for its natural beauty and diverse green spaces. Additionally, it is adjacent to the Etapa Complex, which serves as an integrated shopping and entertainment destination, adding value and diversity to the comprehensive experience for both center visitors and students alike. This prime location enhances the center’s attractiveness as an ideal destination for learning and innovation in the heart of the flourishing Sheikh Zayed City.

The design of Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

The expected design of Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound, covering an area of 77 acres, may include a range of innovative and diverse elements. The project could involve dividing the space into multiple zones serving various purposes, such as residential areas, recreational facilities, and green spaces.

The design could be diversified by adding artificial hills or shaping terrains to add extra aesthetics and enhance the experience for visitors and residents. Spaces for public gardens, children’s play areas, sports facilities, and recreational activities could be allocated.

Furthermore, there could be a design for infrastructure and facilities, including roads, water networks, and sewage systems. The design might also incorporate spaces for commerce and services, such as retail shops, restaurants, and commercial centers.

Elements of the design could also prioritize sustainability and the environment, such as using renewable energy technologies and designing environmentally friendly buildings.

The goal of this multi-faceted design is to create an integrated community that caters to the needs of residents and visitors, offering a distinctive living experience in a beautiful and functional environment.

The space of Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

The new Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound, spanning an area of 77 acres of fertile and promising land, is brimming with potential and investment opportunities. This vast expanse stretches across breathtaking natural landscapes, blending natural beauty with exceptional design to provide an ideal environment that paves the way for achieving our ambitious project goals and transforming them into tangible reality.

Services and facilities of Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • A commercial area housing a number of retail stores that offer popular brands customers are seeking for shopping.
  • A spacious social club for sports enthusiasts on a vast land area.
  • A dedicated children’s play area for them to enjoy their time within Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Equipped sports arena under the supervision of elite trainers.
  • State-of-the-art specialized courts such as tennis and squash.
  • An indoor swimming pool for ladies.
  • Modern elevators are available.
  • Numerous cultural activities are offered.
  • Large gymnasiums are available.
  • International banks are present.

Prices of Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound

This investment opportunity stands out for offering competitive and suitable prices that align with the unique project design and exceptional facilities it provides, making it an unparalleled real estate investment in the market. The prices start as follows:

  • Duplex prices start from 7,900,000 EGP for an area of 220 square meters.
  • Independent villa prices start from 15,900,000 EGP for an area of 278 square meters.

Payment systems of Pioneers Company Project

Pioneers Company Project offers investors the opportunity to enjoy ease and flexibility in investing through innovative installment and payment systems that contribute to achieving their goals and ambitions in our unique project.

  • A 10% down payment, and the remaining amount can be paid over 8 years.
  • The expected delivery is within 4 years.
  • Maintenance services are included, amounting to 8% of the unit’s value.
  • A reservation deposit of 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

About Pioneers Company

Pioneers Company

Pioneers Real Estate Development Company is a pioneer in the real estate sector, making Egypt the stage for its activities as a comprehensive real estate developer and investor. The company passionately strives to meet all the needs of its clients by providing comprehensive and exceptional services. Established in 2017, “Pioneers Real Estate Development” has been able to reshape the real estate landscape in Egypt in a short period of time through its innovative concepts.

The company adopts a new policy that has contributed to achieving a perfect balance between luxury and practical living. This policy is embodied through a wide range of diverse projects, including residential and commercial units. “Pioneers Real Estate Development” is characterized by its optimal utilization of the latest construction technologies, enabling its clients to experience a unique and exceptional journey. The company is built on the foundation of its excellence, experience, determination, and commitment to success, thereby embodying its distinctive vision and values.

Projects by Pioneers Company

  • Stone Residence Compound Nasr City.
  • Stone Residence Compound Nasr City.
  • Jabal Al Ain Village Ain Sokhna.
  • The Brooks Compound New Cairo.

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The real estate developer

Pioneers Company

The project’s location

in the heart of Sheikh Zayed

The project’s area

77 acres

Sales number


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