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Isola Sheraton Compound

Receiving Date: 2025

Meter Price: 25900

Down Payment: 20%

Price starts from: 3,884,880 EGP
Real Estate Developer: El Masria Group for Real Estate Development.
Project Location: In the Sheraton area.
Project Area: Spans around 45 acres.
Unit Types: Includes apartments and villas.
Number of Buildings: Consists of 47 residential buildings.
Number of Units: About 850 apartments.
Number of Villas: Includes 90 villas.
Down Payment for Villas: Priced at 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
Apartment Finish: Semi-finished.
Villa Finish: Red brick.
Building Density: From 25% to 30%.
Payment Duration: Up to 8 years.
Discount Offers: There's a 5% discount on all units.
Sales Number: 00201104894802.

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El Masria Group aims to present its unique real estate vision through Isola Sheraton Compound as an integrated residential complex targeting the upscale social classes. In the same context, luxurious architectural designs are introduced that harmonize with the surrounding green nature.

Isola Sheraton Compound represents a shift from the usual pattern of projects and compounds in New Cairo. The compound combines both apartments and villas in a developmental experience that emulates residential complexes in Egypt’s new cities.

The location of Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound boasts a pivotal location in Sheraton area of New Cairo, overlooking Suez Road, Nasr Road, and many other famous axes. Moreover, it is close to several neighboring landmarks that place it at the heart of the action, such as its proximity to El Shams Club, Al Ahly Club, City Stars, and Sun Set. Additionally, it is minutes away from the following:

Key places near Isola Sheraton Compound:

  • Close to El Saeka Street.
  • Isola Sheraton Compound is near Salah Salem Road.
  • Located near the Ring Road.
  • Close to Wadi Degla Club.
  • Minutes away from Cairo Airport.
  • Only 5 minutes away from New Cairo.
  • The Administrative Capital can be reached within 20 minutes.
  • Adjacent to the Gardenia Officers Club, and it’s also near City Centre Almaza.

The design and space of Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound

The space

The compound by El Masria Group spans a suitable area of about 45 acres, some of which are allocated for the residential area and others for the commercial zone, with the rest of the space dedicated to green areas. Therefore, some classify it as the best compound in New Cairo in terms of the optimal land division.

The design

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle within the Izola compound, characterized by its sophisticated and contemporary architectural art, immersed amidst landscaped areas and water features, in addition to the upscale glass facades and luxurious finishes. Similarly, for the design of the residential area where there are appropriate distances between the units, creating a space that ensures privacy for the compound’s residents. Moreover, what the developer achieved in Isola Sheraton Compound is a professional distribution between the residential units on one side, and the commercial and administrative units on the other.

Units space in Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound represents a dual opportunity to own a unit for residential purposes or a shop and office for real estate investment. This is alongside the developer’s offer of apartments for sale in New Cairo with varying areas and townhouse units:

  • Apartment sizes in Isola Sheraton Compound start from 170 square meters.
  • Townhouse sizes start from 302 square meters.
  • Commercial shop sizes start from 119 square meters.
  • Administrative office sizes start from 58 square meters.

Services of Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound

Facilities and services are among the most important points on which a client bases their purchase and investment decision. Therefore, El Masria Group company has achieved the customers’ desire to live in a comprehensive residential environment that meets living needs and fulfills recreational aspirations. The project has provided a number of services, including the following:

  • A mosque in the Islamic style.
  • Private and public swimming pools.
  • A concrete wall surrounding the Izola Sheraton compound.
  • A tree wall that gives an aesthetic character to the project.
  • An integrated security system that includes guard services and cameras.
  • Barbecue areas amidst open natural spaces.
  • Multiple recreational areas, in addition to kids’ areas.
  • A shopping mall that includes shops, restaurants, and retail areas.
  • A sports club for practicing various sports activities.
  • A social club that accommodates large numbers of families.
  • A gym equipped with the latest capabilities.
  • Paths for cycling and practicing walking and running.
  • The compound includes a set of facilities alongside a shopping mall and administrative units. In addition, there are pharmacies along 1,500 meters on Al-Saeka Street.

Features of Isola Sheraton Compound

  • Provides a high level of luxury and privacy for residents.
  • The project enjoys a prime location that is easily accessible.
  • A comprehensive residential complex in terms of services.
  • Features unique and luxurious architectural designs.
  • Clients can reside or operate their commercial or administrative unit immediately upon receiving it, without waiting for population density in the project and the area, due to the compound’s proximity to several main axes, roads, and neighboring landmarks.

Disadvantages of Isola Sheraton Compound

Some clients believe that the prices of the project’s units are exaggerated. However, on the other hand, the developer has introduced a luxurious lifestyle that aligns with the proposed prices, especially given the project’s vital location. Therefore, it was expected to offer prices suitable for the high quality.

Prices of Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound
  • Apartments for sale in Isola Sheraton Compound with prices starting from 3,884,880 EGP to 4,440,000 EGP for an area of 150 square meters.

Payment systems of Isola Sheraton Compound

The real estate developer introduced an additional feature targeting all customers, whether they prefer cash payment or installment plans. Therefore, they offered payment packages with the longest repayment period for both residential and investment units:

  • 20% down payment + 10% after the first year of the contract, with equal installments over 8 years.

Isola Strip Mall

Isola Mall design:

  • The mall consists of a ground floor and 4 upper floors, with units distributed as follows:
  • Commercial: Located on the ground floor and parts of the first floor.
  • Administrative: From the second to the fourth floor, with parts of the first floor.

Isola Sheraton Offices and Shops Prices:

  • Own a commercial shop with an area of 77 square meters starting at a price of 7,970,060 Egyptian pounds.
  • Own an administrative office with an area of 111 square meters starting at a price of 4,933,120 Egyptian pounds.
  • There are also pharmacies with spaces starting from 88 square meters and prices starting from 18,483,300 Egyptian pounds.

Payment methods for Isola Mall units:

  • 20% down payment + 10% after the first year of the contract, with equal installments over 8 years.

The real estate developer

El Masria Group

El Masria Group for Real Estate Development is the actual executor of the Isola Sheraton project. The company boasts a wealth of experience spanning up to 37 years, especially with the partnerships it has formed with the Urban Communities Authority in various projects, and its significant focus on architectural building designs.

The company has delivered approximately 10,000 residential units during its tenure in the real estate market. Moreover, it is known for its loyalty to developmental ideas and principles, which has resulted in several distinctive projects located in specific areas such as New Cairo and Hadayek Al Ahram.

The most notable previous projects of “El Masria Group” are:

  • Isola Compound in Hadayek October.
  • Badr El Masria Compound.
  • El Masria Heights Buildings.
  • El Masria Simple Buildings.
  • El Masria Imperial Buildings.
  • El Masria Castle Buildings.
  • El Masria Royal Buildings.
  • El Masria Plaza Buildings.
  • El Masria Class Buildings.

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The real estate developer

El Masria Group

Project’s location

Sheraton area

Sales number


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