Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Price starts from:
غير محدد


The real estate developer Peoples and Places Development Company
The project location Alexandria Desert Road
Project Area: 167 acres
Units Type town houses and villas
Units space starting from 186 sqm
Installments period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

One of the newest projects located in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed City is Hills Of One New Zayed Compound. It embodies upscale and ideal communities, with every detail of this project carefully selected, starting from its prime location on major roads to facilitate residents’ access.

The developer, People and Places, is distinguished by its elegant design for this project, ensuring that you obtain a first-class residential unit with a unique view of breathtaking natural landscapes.

Drawing on the company’s expertise and good reputation in the real estate market, customer needs have been perfectly met, offering a variety of spaces to cater to different family requirements. As a result, you can enjoy your luxurious and distinctive villa in this project.

Regarding the facilities and services provided in the compound, the company offers an integrated luxury lifestyle, with a diverse range of basic and additional amenities that provide all levels of comfort and convenience.

The location of Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Hills Of One New Zayed Compound boasts an ideal strategic location, allowing for easy access to the project and your home via major roads. This excellent location facilitates smooth transportation and safe access to your destination. Additionally, the project is characterized by its proximity to vibrant areas, greatly enhancing its value. The compound is directly located on the Alexandria Desert Road at kilometer 47, giving it an exceptional advantage in terms of location.

Nearby Places to Hills Of One New Zayed Compound:

  • The project is located near Sphinx Airport.
  • It is situated next to the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • It benefits from its proximity to the 26th of July Corridor.
  • It is also in close proximity to the New Giza area.

The design and space of Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Peoples and Places Development Company carefully selected the finest real estate companies and design offices to execute Hills Of One New Zayed Compound. This choice has given you an exceptional opportunity to live in a location characterized by the latest modern designs, inspired by the best contemporary European designs. Here, you can find a luxurious residential unit that pays attention to the smallest details in project design.

Hills Of One New Zayed Compound offers a diverse mix of housing units, including villas and apartments. The compound spans an area of 167 acres and comprises approximately 800 residential units. These units are distinguished by their spacious green spaces, adding exceptional charm to the project.

As for facilities and services,Hills Of One New Zayed Compound excels in providing all modern amenities and facilities within its space, making it an ideal place to live and enjoy life.

Units of Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Hills Of One New Zayed Compound stands out for offering a diverse range of housing units, and this diversity in space is a prominent feature that distinguishes Peoples and Places Development Company. This diversity allows for meeting the varied needs of customers, and here are some details of the spaces for some of the units:

  • Townhouses: The townhouse units have a space ranging from 185 square meters and above.
  • Villas: Villa spaces start from 260 square meters and go beyond that.

This diversity gives customers the ability to choose the unit that perfectly suits their needs and the needs of their families.

Services of Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Hills Of One New Zayed Compound offers you a luxury living experience with attention to every detail through a diverse range of facilities and services provided by the project. Among the residential areas, recreational areas, and public services, here are some features of the project that enhance the quality of life:

  • The compound features diverse green spaces to provide a refreshing atmosphere and areas suitable for strolling and relaxation.
  • There are dedicated playgrounds for children, allowing families to spend enjoyable and safe time.
  • The project offers bike paths, encouraging physical activity and outdoor enjoyment.
  • It includes a hypermarket that provides all your daily needs from various products.
  • Hills Of One New Zayed Compound features a variety of commercial malls to meet shopping and entertainment needs.
  • Restaurants and cafes are available for enjoying delicious meals and tasty beverages.
  • The compound provides security services and regular patrols to ensure residents’ safety.
  • Cleaning services are available to maintain the project’s cleanliness.
  • There is a modern, well-equipped gym for sports enthusiasts.
  • The project includes pharmacies and various healthcare services to meet residents’ healthcare needs.

Units prices in Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Hills Of One New Zayed Compound offers a wide range of residential units to meet the diverse needs of customers. The project includes 800 residential units, with 50% of them dedicated to luxurious single-story villas. The units include:

  • Townhouses starting from 12,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Villas starting from 16,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Single-story villas starting from 17,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Palm Villas starting from 30,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Hill Villas starting from 40,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Grand Villas starting from 45,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.

This wide variety allows customers to find the unit that perfectly suits their lifestyle and budget, allowing them to enjoy luxury and comfort in this unique project.

Payment systems of Hills Of One New Zayed Compound

Peoples and Places Development Company places the customer at the forefront and strives diligently to provide all the advantages that meet their needs and make investing in its units appealing. Among the exciting packages offered by the company to facilitate the payment process, we find:

  • You can now start booking in Hills Of One New Zayed Compound, located in the best location in Sheikh Zayed, with a starting price of only 35,000 Egyptian Pounds for the first phase.
  • Pay a 5% down payment and settle the remaining amount over 8 years.

These packages make it easy for customers to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to invest and fulfill their dreams of living in a place that combines luxury and outstanding amenities.

About the real estate developer

Peoples and Places Development Company is considered one of the leading companies that have delivered numerous luxury projects. The company is known for executing diverse residential and commercial projects, allowing customers to acquire upscale and distinctive real estate units. Thanks to the experience and quality provided by the company, customers can benefit from a variety of outstanding facilities and services alongside luxurious housing units. The projects undertaken by this company reflect the standards of quality and luxury in the real estate market.

Previous Projects by Peoples and Places Development Company:

  • The Mid North Coast.
  • Projects in Beit El Watan.
  • Projects in El Narges District.

The developer company

Peoples and Places Development Company

Project’s location

Sheikh Zayed

Sales number


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