High City El Obour Compound

High City El Obour Compound

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The real estate developer El Safwa Real Estate Company
Project Location: Al Obour City, in front of Ahmed Arabi Square.
Project Area: The project covers an area of 36 acres.
Building Percentage:22.5% of the total area.
Unit Types: Apartments, duplexes, and villas.
Unit Sizes: Starting from 95 square meters.
Finishing Quality: Semi-finished.
Maintenance Deposit: It is paid at a rate of 5%.
Number of Units: The project has been reserved, and there is a limited number of available units.
Payment Period: Up to 6 years.
Cash Discount: Up to 25%.
Sales Number: 00201104894802.

Project Description

High City El Obour Compound stands out as a distinguished living destination, catering to the aspirations of various customer segments in the heart of Greater Cairo. The compound enjoys a strategic geographical location in El Obour City, offering a diverse range of residential units with flexible pricing to suit the needs and capabilities of different customers. High City El Obour Compound aims to provide diverse and accessible housing options, contributing to the realization of the ideal living dream for everyone in this vibrant area.

The location of High City El Obour Compound

High City El Obour Compound enjoys a prime location that ensures ease and convenience of transportation. It is located:

  • In front of Ahmed Orabi Square, providing you with a unique and comfortable view.
  • Near Carrefour Maadi, making it easy for you to access shopping and entertainment destinations.
  • Close to Ain Shams University, making it an ideal choice for students and faculty members.
  • Near Cairo International Airport, providing you with easy access to and from the airport.
  • Adjacent to the Egyptian International University, adding the convenience of available educational facilities.
  • Proximity to the Golf City and the Ring Road, facilitating travel to various areas in Cairo.

This exceptional location allows you to make the most of the services and facilities surrounding High City El Obour Compound.

The space of High City El Obour Compound

The residential unit sizes in High City El Obour Compound vary depending on the development stages:

  • The unit sizes in the first and second phases of the project start from 110 square meters.
  • For the third phase, unit sizes start from 95 square meters.

High City El Obour Compound covers a large area of approximately 36 acres, providing a luxurious and comfortable environment for residents within the compound.

Services of High City El Obour Compound

High City El Obour Compound offers a range of services and amenities to meet the needs of residents and provide a comprehensive and comfortable environment. These services include:

  • A meticulous nighttime lighting system to ensure good and safe illumination in common areas and pathways during the night.
  • A comprehensive health club: The fitness and health club offers a variety of activities and sports equipment to improve physical fitness and health.
  • Clubhouse: A multi-purpose social space where residents can gather and enjoy various activities, such as social events, workshops, and entertainment.
  • Parking spaces: Dedicated parking spaces are available inside the compound to ensure residents’ convenience and provide safe parking areas.
  • Electronic gates and security: A comprehensive security system, including electronic gates and a 24-hour security and guard team, ensures residents’ safety and security.
  • Green spaces and seating areas: Green spaces and open areas provide places for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment, creating a comfortable and beautiful environment.
  • Crystal lagoons and water fountains: Artificial lagoons and water fountains enhance the scenery and create a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Multiple recreational areas: The compound includes three different recreational areas that offer places for recreational activities and games for both children and adults.
  • Swimming pools: The facilities include multiple swimming pools, allowing residents to enjoy swimming and relaxation in a fun aquatic atmosphere.
  • High walls around the compound: High walls provide privacy and security for residents within the compound.
  • Commercial mall and social and sports club: The mall features a wide shopping area where residents can shop and enjoy diverse shopping experiences. Additionally, there’s a social and sports club that offers activities that promote communication and physical activity.
  • Solar energy utilization: The use of solar energy helps reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and improves sustainability in the residential community.

These services and amenities combine comfort, security, entertainment, and sustainability, creating an ideal environment for residents in High City El Obour Compound.

Prices and payment systems of High City El Obour Compound

  • The price per square meter in High City El Obour Compound starts at 20,100 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment systems

  • A down payment starting from 25%.
  • Payment period of up to 6 years.

About SUD

Since 1996, El Safwa Real Estate Company has embarked on its journey in the field of real estate development. Over the years, the company has delivered a distinguished portfolio of investment and residential projects, numbering more than 170 projects. Among these flagship projects, we can mention:

  1. Capital Heights Compound New Capital.
  2. Capital Heights 2 Compound New Capital.
  3. Financial Hub Mall New Capital.
  4. El Safwa Tower in Nasr City.
  5. The Pearl Compound in Mansoura.
  6. Sun Street 1 in Ras El Bar.
  7. Sun Street 2 in New Damietta.

These projects serve as a testament to El Safwa Real Estate Company’s commitment to delivering quality and innovation in the field of real estate development. The company remains dedicated to meeting market needs and providing unique investment and residential opportunities for its clients.

The developer company

El Safwa Real Estate Company

Project’s location

El Obour City

Sales number


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