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Harmony Mall New Capital

Receiving Date: 2025

Meter Price: 22000

Price starts from: 594,000 EGP
The real estate developer Center Point Real estate Development Company
Project management MRB Company manages the project
Engineering Consultant Archerete Company
Electromechanical Consultant PROMEP Companuy
Project location located in the Down Town
Project's area extends on an area of 2,703 sqm
Mall's design it consists of a ground floor and 10 upper floors
Units type Commercial and administrative only
Units space starting from 27 sqm
Units prices The meter's price start from 22,000 EGP
The repayment period up to 15 years
Cash discount 30% of the price
Sales number 00201104894802

Center Point Real Estate Development Company offers its latest project in the market, which is presented in Harmony Mall New Capital which only offers administrative and commercial units, the project is located in the Downtown area at the heart of New Capital, as the owner company announced incompatible prices and the longest possible payment plan.

Harmony Mall enjoys a creative and modern design that attracts attention, the mall aims to be a distinctive destination for investors at the heart of New Capital, in the Downtown area, the unit prices in Harmony Mall New Capital have been set with a highly competitive prices, with easy payment options available. We will tell you more details about that.

The location of Harmony Mall New Capital

Harmony Mall New Capital
Harmony Mall New Capital

On the eastern axis of Downtown, with a width of 70 meters, Harmony Mall New Capital is located near the following:

  • Data Center
  • Misr Mosque
  • The Gold Market
  • The Central Park
  • Green River
  • The Ministries District
  • The Governmental District
  • The Monorail Station
  • Udora Mall

The design of Harmony Mall New Capital

Harmony Mall New Capital
Harmony Mall New Capital

Harmony Mall New Capital designs enjoy being distinctive and unique from other nearby Down Town malls, as the mall consists of a ground floor and 10 upper floors, with an ideal distribution of the units as follows:

  • Commercial: in the ground, first, and second floor
  • Administrative: from the third floor to the last floor

Spaces inside Harmony Mall New Capital

Harmony Mall New Capital extends on an area of 2,703 sqm, with a limited building ratio also, to offer nature direct views to the units.

Harmony Mall New Capital units spaces are as follows:

  • Commercial units spaces start from 27 sqm
  • Administrative units spaces start from 32 sqm.

Services of Harmony Mall New Capital

  • A solar energy system is provided to take advantage of renewable energy sources and reduce reliance on traditional energy.
  • The beautiful design of the gardens and green spaces creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at Harmony Mall New Capital.
  • The presence of water fountains adds an element of beauty and refreshment to the surrounding environment.
  • A reception office provides professional visitor and tenant reception services.
  • Dedicated parking areas are provided to facilitate access for visitors and employees.
  • A spacious garage is available to provide sufficient parking space.
  • A central air conditioning system provides ideal distribution of cooled air throughout the building.
  • A centralized shower system provides comfort and luxury for users.
  • Modern and luxurious glass facades enhance the building’s aesthetics and allow natural light to enter.
  • Advanced security systems, including surveillance cameras and alarms, are provided to ensure the safety of the building and its residents.
  • Modern and efficient lighting systems are used to improve visibility and atmosphere inside the building.
  • A dedicated area for children is provided for play and entertainment within the complex.
  • Equipped halls are provided for conferences and meetings to meet business and event needs.

These features make Harmony Mall New Capital a comprehensive and integrated project that meets the needs of businesses and provides a comfortable and advanced environment for workers and visitors.

Prices of Harmony Mall New Capital

Harmony Mall New Capital
  • Own your administrative unit now with least price per meter starting from 22,000 EGP
  • Own your Commercial unit now also with a competitive price starting from 60,000 EGP

Payment systems of Harmony Mall New Capital

The owner company offers a range of payment packages, which are as follows:

  • A reservation down payment of 0%.
  • An installment system up to 15 years.

Reasons to invest in Harmony Mall New Capital

There are many reasons that make investment in Harmony Mall New Capital a good choice, and among these reasons:

  • Harmony Mall New Capital is located in the heart of New Capital, in Downtown area, which is a vibrant and developed area. It enjoys a strategic location close to government, administrative, and business facilities, which increases its investment value.
  • New Capital is characterized by strong population and economic growth, which boosts the demand for commercial and administrative activities. In addition, Harmony Mall offers a unique shopping and trading experience, which attracts many customers and investors.
  • Harmony Mall boasts a modern and attractive architectural design, with the use of elegant glass facades and modern lighting systems. Harmony Mall New Capital also features advanced infrastructure, including centralized air conditioning systems and security and surveillance systems, which enhances its appeal as a comprehensive commercial and administrative center.
  • It is expected that your investment in Harmony Mall New Capital will yield good long-term financial returns, given the high demand, prime location, and attractive design. You may have the opportunity to rent commercial and administrative units at good prices and achieve sustainable profits.
  • Center Point Real Estate Company offers payment facilities, which helps to divide the investment value over an extended period of time and ease the financial burden on investors.

A brief about Center Point Real Estate Company

Harmony Mall New Capital
Harmony Mall New Capital

The company started its real estate journey since 2007, and its activity was not limited to local projects, It has also ventured into development projects outside of Egypt, with launching around 115 projects in cities like Ain El Sokhna, New Cairo, and North Coast.

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The real estate developer

Center Point Real Estate Company

The project’s location

In Downtown

The project’s area

2703 sqm

Sales number


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