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Evora Tower Mall New Capital

Down Payment: 5%

Price starts from: 528,000 EGP
The real estate developer Rovan Real Estate Investment Company
The project location New Capital
Project Management Company: MRB
Engineering Consultant: ARCHRETE
Pricing Consultant: ETQAN
Project Location: In the Downtown area.
Number of Units: Approximately 230 service units.
Mall Design: A tower consisting of ground floor + 12 upper floors.
Project Area: Extending over an area of 2,600 square meters.
Payment Duration: Up to 12 years.
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Evora Tower Mall New Capital represents the first venture for Rovan Real Estate in New Capital. It is located in Downtown area, in front of pharmaceutical companies. The project boasts an elegant architectural design and offers a rich array of services in its commercial and administrative units. Moreover, it prioritizes competitive pricing and provides multiple payment packages to facilitate the process for customers.

The location of Evora Tower Mall New Capital

Evora Tower Mall New Capital is truly exceptional. It is situated on three major sides, a rare feature in mall projects in New Capital. The location offers a direct view of pharmaceutical companies and is strategically positioned west of the Downtown entrance.

Notable landmarks and adjacent areas near Evora Tower Mall New Capital include:

  • Directly in front of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Close proximity to computer, insurance, and petroleum companies.
  • Within minutes of the government district and the financial district.
  • A few minutes away from the Diamond Hotel.
  • Near the Green River.
  • Adjacent to the Monorail station.
  • Adjacent to Districts R7 and R8.
  • Near The Loft Plaza Mall.
  • Approximately 30 minutes from the New Capital Airport.
  • Close to the North Ben Zayed Axis.

The design and space of Evora Tower Mall New Capital

Evora Tower Mall New Capital

The space

The developer company has carefully allocated an appropriate space for Evora Tower Mall New Capital, which spans 2,600 square meters, with the division as follows:

  • A limited part constituting 30% for the building of the mall.
  • The larger part dedicated to landscaping and the trees surrounding the tower.

The design:

The developer enlisted the expertise of ARCHRETE, a company specialized in modern architectural building design. They directed the unit views towards the main street, ensuring that no unit has a rear view. ARCHRETE designed the building and distributed the units inside as follows:

  • The mall consists of a ground floor and 12 repeated floors.
  • There are 3 underground floors designated for car parking.
  • Units on the ground floor to the second floor are for commercial use.
  • Units from the third floor to the top are for administrative use.

Units space in Evora Tower Mall New Capital

In line with the diversity of spaces in projects in New Capital and to meet the various needs of customers, the developer has provided a range of unit sizes. Here are the details:

  • Commercial units start from 32 square meters.
  • Administrative offices start from 30 square meters.

Services of Evora Tower Mall New Capital

Evora Tower Mall New Capital
  1. Underground parking with three levels to accommodate a large number of cars.
  2. Public parking spaces in designated areas to prevent congestion.
  3. Meeting rooms fully equipped to host conferences.
  4. A spacious plaza area unique to Evora Tower Mall New Capital.
  5. Electric elevators for visitors, including two elevators for commercial floors.
  6. Electric escalators for easier navigation between mall floors.
  7. Children’s area equipped with entertainment facilities and safety systems.
  8. Cafes and restaurants offering a diverse range of popular cuisines and beverages.
  9. Comprehensive security system including security services, electronic gates, and cameras.
  10. Smoking areas to respect the privacy and preferences of all customers and visitors.
  11. Coffee Break Hall located on every administrative floor of Ivora Tower.
  12. Clubhouse equipped with relaxation facilities and located on the rooftop.
  13. Advanced fire suppression systems that provide alerts in case of fires or emergencies.
  14. Offices for businessmen dedicated to conducting their work and projects.

Features of Evora Tower Mall New Capital

  1. The company offers mandatory lease contracts to its clients.
  2. Solar energy is utilized to preserve the environment and ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  3. Green spaces occupy all vacant areas surrounding the building.
  4. Located in the Downtown area, a vibrant and attractive investment and customer hub.
  5. Unit facades are designed to face main streets and green areas.
  6. The project features a lower construction ratio compared to service projects, at approximately 30%.
  7. The developer offers the lowest price per square meter in the area with flexible payment methods.

Flaws of Evora Tower Mall New Capital

It may have been worthwhile for the owning company to provide medical units for those interested in working or investing in them, as there is currently only one pharmacy on the ground floor within the commercial units. Especially considering the availability of medical clinics in several other competitive projects within Downtown area.

Payment systems and prices of Evora Tower Mall New Capital

Evora Tower Mall New Capital

The prices of units in Evora Tower Mall New Capital are considered competitive and suitable for those looking to make a successful investment. Evora Tower Mall New Capital offers residential units with initial prices starting from 528,000 Egyptian pounds. One of the notable features of this project is the mandatory lease agreement, which means that investors can have confidence in achieving good and quick returns on their investments in the project.

Payment systems:

Rovan Company has provided the best booking and payment options to ensure successful investment opportunities. The company has made it possible for investors to purchase units in Evora Tower Mall New Capital at affordable prices through the following options:

  1. Paying 5% of the unit’s value and settling the remaining amount over 6 years.
  2. Paying 10% of the unit’s value and financing the remaining amount over 7 years with equal installments.
  3. Paying 12% of the total price of the unit and paying the remaining amount over 8 years with equal installments.
  4. Paying 30% of the unit’s value and paying the remaining amount over 10 years with equal installments.
  5. Paying 40% of the total unit value and financing the remaining amount over 12 years with equal installments.

In addition, 10% of the total unit value is paid to cover maintenance costs. These options provide investors with great flexibility and make it easy for them to access successful investment opportunities in Evora Tower Mall New Capital.

The developer company

Rovan Real Estate Investment Company has started its ventures in Evora Tower Mall New Capital, which serves as its first station followed by two other projects. The company has also forged important partnerships with major consulting firms and architectural design experts.

Key Previous Works:

  1. Engaged in the iron trade.
  2. Operated in the wood trade.
  3. Owns land parcels in Matrouh and Al-Obour.
  4. Has previous experience in car exhibitions.

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The developer company

Rovan Real Estate Investment Company

Project’s location

New Capital

Sales number


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