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Price starts from: 891,000 EGP
The real estate developer EGY Holding for Real Estate Development
The project location MU23 Area
Project Area: 6,431 m
Units Type Administrative, commercial, medical
Mall design a tower consisting of 8 floors
Installments period up to 8 years
Maintenance deposit 10%
Sales number 00201104894802

Video About Epic Complex Mall New Capital


Epic Complex Mall New Capital combines standard construction criteria with innovative engineering designs that capture attention. EGY Holding Real Estate Development Company offers a comprehensive project comprising medical clinics, administrative offices, and commercial shops. It provides a great investment opportunity, especially due to its strategic location in the heart of the New Capital.

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The location of Epic Complex Mall New Capital

Epic Complex Mall New Capital

Epic Complex Mall New Capital is located in a highly vibrant area, specifically in Mu23 with plot number E14. It is situated at the entrance of New Capital, near the Suez Road, and on the main axis of Al-Amal Road. Additionally, it is close to several important areas and landmarks:

  1. It is in proximity to the electric train station and the Sports City.
  2. It is near the business district and the Iconic Tower.
  3. It is just minutes away from the Green River, which is the largest central park in the world.
  4. It is located near the Ben Zayed North Axis.
  5. It is close to the Ring Road, the Future Axis, and the Al-Amal Axis.
  6. It is within a short drive from Downtown and New Cairo City.
  7. It overlooks the R2 Second Residential District Axis and the axis connecting R2 and R3.
  8. It is also near some of the most prominent compounds in the New Capital, such as Ramtan Compound.

The design and space of Epic Complex Mall New Capital

Epic Complex Mall New Capital

The space:

Epic Complex Mall New Capital extends over an approximate area of 6,431 square meters, and this area has been distributed as follows:

  1. Only 30% of the total area is allocated for service buildings and units.
  2. The remaining 70% is dedicated to green spaces, lakes, and natural landscapes.

The design:

The owning company, in collaboration with the largest consulting firms in Egypt and the world, has designed the mall according to global health standards, blending breathtaking natural elements with luxurious architectural design. The mall has been designed in the form of a tower, consisting of 2 basement floors, a ground floor, and 8 upper floors.

An agreement has been made with a specialized company to operate the mall after its opening, ensuring the project’s professionalism from all angles and making it a rare investment opportunity in one of the most important commercial areas in the New Capital.

Services of Epic Complex Mall New Capital

Epic Complex Mall New Capital
  1. Comprehensive security system with regular patrol services and advanced surveillance cameras.
  2. Panoramic elevators and electric staircases for easy movement between different floors.
  3. Dedicated bicycle parking areas and a children’s entertainment zone with various games.
  4. Dedicated walking and jogging paths, with rest areas on all floors.
  5. Smart sensors to measure oxygen levels for maintaining healthy air quality.
  6. Childcare rooms and a state-of-the-art fitness gym.
  7. Epic Complex Mall New Capital operates with a sound system and smart lighting.
  8. Plaza area with an entertainment zone, dancing fountain, and a theater for diverse events.
  9. A technological garden, equipped with a trained emergency response team.
  10. Extensive landscaping, artificial lakes, and greenery surround the building.
  11. A spacious, advanced electric elevator for medical emergencies.
  12. A cafe area offering a variety of beverages and upscale restaurants serving delicious cuisine.
  13. Ample corridors to avoid congestion, with stunning panoramic views.
  14. Epic Complex Mall New Capital features the world’s best central air conditioning systems from DAIKIN.
  15. The basement is dedicated to parking and includes car washing and pick-up services.

Features of Epic Complex Mall New Capital

  1. Epic Complex Mall New Capital offers a unique energy-saving experience, reducing electricity consumption by 40%.
  2. Distinctive glass facades allow full natural daylight to enter during the day while minimizing the heat impact of sunlight inside the building, reducing the reliance on electric lighting and air conditioning, resulting in energy savings.
  3. The developer company offers customers the highest return on investment in the shortest possible time, a feature not found in all projects.
  4. It is the first project in the capital to implement a system for recycling sewage and rainwater, saving approximately 48% of water.
  5. The mall is strategically located near Districts Two and Three, which have the highest population density.
  6. Panoramic glass facades are specifically designed for service areas and corridors, maximizing the use of daylight and using automated lighting systems.
  7. The mall has received the FitWel certification, a global health standard, for designing the project in accordance with healthy lifestyle practice

The Goals of FitWel certification

  1. Reducing the causes of diseases.
  2. Reducing absenteeism from work.
  3. Increasing physical activity and health.
  4. Providing sources of healthy food.
  5. Supporting the idea of social equality.
  6. Providing happiness and well-being for employees.
  7. Positive interaction with the work environment.

It’s worth noting that Epic Complex Mall New Capital is the first project in the Middle East to align with FitWel standards.

Prices and payment systems of Epic Complex Mall New Capital

The prices:

  1. Medical Clinic on the fourth floor with an area of 27 square meters: Price is 891,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  2. Commercial Shop on the ground floor with an area of 40 square meters: Price is 4,800,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  3. Commercial Shop on the first floor with an area of 64 square meters: Price is 4,600,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  4. Administrative Office on the fourth floor with an area of 33 square meters: Price is 10,890,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment systems:

  • The owning company offers several payment plans with down payments ranging from 5% to 15% and an installment period of up to 8 years.

The owner company

EGY Holding for Real Estate Development is the actual owner and developer ofEpic Complex Mall New Capital. It is a leading company in its field, established through the merger of various entities working in the investment and real estate development sectors. This merger created an entity with extensive experience and a significant presence in the Egyptian real estate market, as evidenced by its previous projects, including:

  1. Comprehensive Medical City.
  2. City Center project in the Delta region.
  3. Abad Al-Rahman Towers for residential purposes.
  4. City Mall, a comprehensive commercial mall.

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The developer company

EGY Holding for Real Estate Development

Project’s location

Mu23 area

Sales number


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