El Patieo Casa Shorouk City

El Patieo Casa Shorouk City

Price starts from:


The real estate developer La Vista Developments
The project location Shorouk City
The project area 30 acres
Building ratio 20%
Type of units apartments, penthouses, and villas
The units' space start from 160 sqm
Maintenance deposit 8%
The repayment period up to 7 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

El Patieo Casa Shorouk City offers you the unit of your dreams in the heart of Shorouk City on the Suez-Road, providing customers a large group of main services and entertainment services with various residential units.

El Patieo Casa Shorouk City is distinguished by its various and modern design, which offers customers to choose the unit that suits their needs and personal taste. All main services are provided, like: security 24/7, parking lots, green spaces, swimming pools, games hall, sports halls, barbecue areas, and kids areas.

Thanks to these various services and facilities, it offers to clients enjoying a comfortable way of life in El Patieo Casa Shorouk City. Whether you’re looking for a residential unit to live in a calm places or to relax or to invest, El Patieo Casa Shorouk City provides many options that meet the need of different clients.

The location of El Patieo Casa Shorouk City

El Patieo Casa Shorouk City is located 700 meters away from El Shorouk entrance number 2

In addition to this, El Patieo Casa Shorouk City offers many services and important facilities in El Shorouk City. You can benefit from it being close to schools and universities, like: The British School and Future University. There are also hospitals and shopping centers that are available close to it like, Mall of Arabia and Shorouk Mall.

Close to the following:

  • Hyper one.
  • Heliopolis Club
  • Nasr City
  • Madinaty

The space of El Patieo Casa Shorouk City

El Patieo Casa Shorouk City was built on a large area of 30 acres, with a low building ratio of around 20% to have the residential units, including apartments and penthouses.

Units spaces are as follows:

  • Apartments spaces start from 160 sqm
  • Penthouses space start from 185 sqm

Services of El Patieo Casa Shorouk City

El Patio Casa Shorouk City compound is characterized by providing a variety of services and facilities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. The compound includes the following:

  • El Patio Casa Shorouk City compound provides a mosque to meet the religious worship needs of the residents. It includes a commercial mall comprising a range of local and international brands for shopping and entertainment needs.
  • The Patio Casa City of Shorouk compound features various sports courts such as football, tennis, squash, and more, allowing residents to enjoy sports and physical activity.
  • There are specialized medical centers available in the compound to provide health services and medical care to the residents, ensuring peace of mind and easy access to healthcare.
  • The compound is adorned with some beautiful water fountains that provide a peaceful and natural atmosphere.
  • El Patio Casa Shorouk City compound offers various maintenance services to maintain the infrastructure and facilities in excellent condition.
  • The compound boasts beautiful green spaces and natural landscapes, where residents can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  • There are spacious private and public parking areas to ensure a safe place to park for the residents and visitors.
  • Access to and from El Patio Casa Shorouk City compound is secured by electronic gates to ensure the safety and privacy of the residents.
  • The compound provides an integrated security system with security personnel and surveillance cameras to ensure safety and security.
  • The compound includes a social club where residents can meet, make friends, and participate in social activities. There is a fully equipped gym available for physical exercise and maintaining fitness.
  • The health resort provides massage, relaxation, and beauty treatments to rejuvenate and relax residents.
  • There is a spa and gym available to provide a fully integrated health and wellness experience for residents. El Patio Casa Shorouk City compound has a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer different types of food and drinks to suit all tastes.
  • There are many swimming pools available in the compound for swimming and relaxation under the sun.

In short, El Patieo Casa Shorouk City offers a wide range of services and facilities to guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable experience to residents.

Payment systems and prices of El Patieo Casa Shorouk City

The prices


  • The compound offers residential units at prices starting from 5,950,000 EGP with an area of 160 sqm, and up to 10,750,000 EGP for units with a garden area of 275 sqm.
  • Penthouses available at prices ranging from 7,850,000 EGP to 9,540,000 EGP.


Twin house:

  • The area: in the compound ranges from 201 sqm to 298 sqm.
  • The land area: ranges from 235 sqm to 349 sqm.
  • The price: ranges from 14,100,000 EGP to 20,940,000 EGP.


  • The area: ranging from 321 sqm to 458 sqm.
  • The land area: ranging from 377 sqm to 365 sqm.
  • The price: ranging from 23,800,000 EGP to 24,600,000 EGP
  • Cash Discount of 23%

Payment systems

  • A 15% down payment and 10% upon delivery are to be paid, and the rest is to be paid over 7 years. There is also a cash discount of 23% and a maintenance deposit of 8%.

La Vista Developments

The company enjoys long experiences since 1991, with presenting a different real estate vision with distinctive designs, with many previous works, which are:

  • La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna
  • La Vista Tupaz Ain Sokhna
  • La Vista Ras El Hekma
  • La Vista Bay East North Coast
  • El Patieo 5 East Shorouk City
  • El Patieo 7 New Cairo
  • La Vista City New Capital

The real estate developer

La Vista Developments

The project’s location

Shorouk City

The project area

30 acres

Sales number


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