Cascada Mall New Capital

Cascada Mall New Capital

Price starts from:


The real estate developerGolden Town Company
The project locationin Down Town
The project area2,664 sqm
Mall's design10 upper floors and a ground floor
Units typeAdministrative, commercial, and hotel
Units spacesstarting from 33 sqm
Meter's pricestarting from 21,900 sqm
Installments periodup to 10 years
Delivery datein 2025
Sales number00201104894802

Project Description

Golden Town Company announces about its second real estate launching in New Capital, with the strongest rental return that reaches up to 17%, through Cascada Mall New Capital, which offers a large investment opportunity to its clients, in addition to this, it enables upscale hotel living.

After the success that the developer has achieved in its first launch in New Capital, the company sought to present Cascada Mall New Capital with more professional factors and it enables more opportunities, as it where it catered to the various tastes of the market’s customers, and as a result, this was reflected in the prices, as this mall is considered to be one of the mall with the high value and present the lowest meter’s price in New Capital.

The location of Cascada Mall New Capital

The mall is located in Down Town in plot number mu2/79, in a vital plot very close to Bin Zayed axis, in addition to that it comes in front of Touristic towers area on the eastern axis of the Downtown area, with a view on a main street which width is 90 m.

The closest places to Cascada Mall New Capital

  • Cascada Mall New Capital is located close to the monorail station
  • it enjoys a distinctive view on the Green River
  • Its minutes from The Government District, and also from the People’s Assembly
  • Its close to The Gold Market and Misr Mosque
  • In addition to that its close to the Egyptian Museum

Its distinguished by being very close to many Down Town Malls, like:  M Business Tower

The design of Cascada Mall New Capital

The mall enjoys a stunning architectural design that depends on professional performance by providing separate entrances for each activity in the project. In addition, it relies on high-end glass facades, and the building consists of a ground floor plus 10 repeated floors, with its units distributed inside as follows:

  • Commercial shops: located from the ground floor to the third floor
  • Administrative offices: from the fourth floor to the 8th floor
  • Hotel apartments: the last floors, the 9th and 10th floor

There is a waterfall for the first time erected along 6 floors and up to the top floor. In addition, the project includes a restaurant suspended on the roof with a panoramic view of the landmarks of New Capital and Downtown.

The space of Cascada Mall New Capital

As a continuation of the developer’s success in selecting prime locations and developing luxurious engineering designs, presenting Cascada Mall New Capital space to meet the aspirations of customers, as the project extends on an area of 2,664 sqm, which most of it is used to landscape areas and vast plaza that offers beautiful view for the mall’s units.

Units spaces in Cascada Mall New Capital

  • Shops in Cascada Mall New Capital, with spaces starting from 33 sqm
  • Administrative offices in Cascada Mall New Capital with spaces starting for 36 sqm.
  • Hotel apartments with different spaces starting from 36 sqm

Services of Cascada Mall New Capital

  • Advanced surveillance cameras are provided in all corners of the project.
  • An electric car charging station is provided inside the garage.
  • The entire mall’s area is a garage, capable of accommodating a large number of cars.
  • A gymnasium includes all modern sports equipment.
  • A sauna and Jacuzzi provide a luxurious experience for customers.
  • A comprehensive Kids’ Area with various entertainment games.
  • A food court area hosts restaurants and cafes with diverse cultures.
  • Central air conditioning serves all units of the Cascada Mall New Capital.
  • Free internet covers the entire area of Cascada project. Regular maintenance is provided for the mall’s facilities and units, in addition to cleaning services. Green spaces occupy the external areas around the mall building.
  • ATM machines and cash dispensers provide financial transaction services.

By relying on modern technological techniques in managing the project’s facilities, Golden Town Company has focused on providing high-quality services to its customers and mall visitors. In addition, it has ensured providing the largest possible amount of them to meet all investors’ needs. We can highlight the following services:

Features of Cascada Mall New Capital

  • Some of the facilities operate on solar energy to provide a healthy working environment.
  • The developer offers a mandatory lease contract for up to 3 years.
  • The mall relies on smart systems for control and operation.
  • It offers a high rental return, with investment returns of up to 17%. It is one of the best malls in New Capital in terms of offering reduced prices.
  • The owner company offers the longest payment period through Cascada Mall New Capital.

Disavantages of Cascada Mall New Capital

Maybe not including medical units have affected some clients and investors who desire medical clinics, however, focusing on some activities over others falls short of the aspirations that some real estate companies in Egypt strive to excel in.

Finishing systems in Cascada Mall New Capital

Following the known system for finishing investment units in Egypt, Golden Town Company has worked on offering its units with the following finishing system:

Commercial finishing

  • Commercial stores are presented on Core and shell without finishing

Administrative finishing

  • You can own your office in the mall with full finishing and AC’s

Hotel Finishing

  • The developer offers full finishing with furniture and devices

Prices of Cascada Mall New Capital

  • Administrative units with prices starting from 45,555 EGP
  • Commercial units, the price for a ground unit in the ground floor ranges from 189,382 EGP
  • Commercial units in upper floors, prices vary as they start from 92,630 EGP for commercial units in the first floor (retail)
  • Commercial units in the second floor are for 122,222 EGP
  • Commercial units in the third floor 111,000 EGP

Payment systems of Cascada Mall New Capital

The mall offers 2 payment systems:

Normal payment systems

  • 10% down payment, and installing the rest over 6 years
  • 15% down payment, and installing the rest over 7 years
  • 20% down payment, and installing the rest over 8 years
  • 25% down payment, and installing the rest over 9 years
  • 30% down payment, and installing the rest over 10 years

Payment systems with investment return

  • 10% down payment with installments over 6 years, and a 14% return till 3 years
  • 15% down payment with installments over 6 years, and a 15% return till 3 years
  • 20% down payment with installments over 6 years, and a 16% return till 3 years
  • 25% down payment with installments over 6 years, and a 17% return till 3 years

Golden Town Company

Golden Town Company is the actual developer of Cascada Mall New Capital as its second development participation in the city. It is one of the established real estate companies in Egypt with up to 30 years of experience in the local market. The company was launched in 1995 and has since added significant value to the real estate and property investment market through a range of high-quality projects with creative designs.

Golden Town Company’s board of directors

  • Chairman of the Board, Mr. Raafat Maher, with more than 20 years of experience in real estate.
  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Brigadier Engineer Essam El-Din Mostafa, with over 30 years of experience in architectural engineering branches of the armed forces.

Golden Town Company’s most important projects

  • The Fort Tower New Capital
  • Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cairo
  • RITAL View in the North Coast
  • 20 Towers in Downtown Alamein
  • development of the Alexandria Corniche
  • and a number of hotel apartments in Ain Sokhna and North Coast
  • Finally, but not least, Cascada Mall New Capital

The company’s partners in developing Cascada mall New Capital

Golden Town Company has collaborated with several specialized companies in various fields to develop Cascada Mall New Capital, and this in the fields of management, operation, consulting, and engineering design. The following are some of the key names that have collaborated with the developer in the construction of the project:

MRB Company

Golden Town Company is a leading company in its field and one of the most well-known project management companies in Egypt. Its name is associated with several malls in New Capital in particular, and this has had a significant impact as it is the only company in its field to have obtained an ISO certification in management and operation.

MRB Company has entered into an important partnership with the well-known company Facil to manage and operate the hotel section of the Cascada Mall New Capital. Facil brings sufficient experience in the hotel industry to the partnership.

Most famous projects by MRB

  • Quan Tower New Capital.
  • Sky Bridge New Capital.
  • East Kanyon New Capital.
  • Harmony Mall New Capital.


The company is a prominent player in the field of providing engineering consulting and architectural design proposals. In addition, it is an established company with a long history dates back to 1931 when it was founded by Dr. Fahim Riahi, who was instrumental in establishing Heliopolis district in Cairo along with Baron Empain.

Most famous projects by FRS STUDIO Company

  • The company has designed more than 12 commercial malls in New Capital, as well as several international schools.
  • They have also designed Central Iconic Tower, The Fort Tower, New Capital Tower, and a series of Regency Towers New Capital.
  • Finally, the company has collaborated with Golden Town Company to develop Cascada Mall in New Capital.

The real estate developer

Golden Town Company

The project’s location

In Down Town

The project’s area

2,664 sqm

Sales number


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