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Capital Diamond Tower New Capital 

Down Payment: 10%

Capital Diamond Tower new capital
Price starts from: 1,750,000 EGP
Name Capital Diamond Tower
Location New Capital, in CBD
Developer Amazon Holding
Project area 22,000 square meters
Units Space starts from 30 square meters
Type of units commercial, administrative, hotel
Finishing Commercial finishing quality: semi-finished.  Administrative and hotel finishing: integrated finishing
Sales Number 00201104894802

The New Capital presents one project after another in short periods of time, and the Capital Diamond tower new capital project came to challenge the usual stereotype of service and residential buildings, by presenting an integrated project that includes commercial, administrative, residential and medical units, with the latest architectural designs that are distinguished with sophistication and luxury 

Although the project is still in the construction phase, its positive signs have appeared early in several aspects, and the owner company has pledged to provide the highest investment return to investors in record time, and today we are about to unveil the new Amazon project with its various details 

The location of the Capital Diamond Tower New Capital Project 

Capital Diamond Tower location

Capital Diamond Tower is located in one of the best vital places in the New Capital, which is the CBD area, which is an important economic and investment area, and the tower is close to the following: 

  • It is only about 5 minutes away from Mohammed Bin Zayed North Axis. 
  • It is about 10 minutes away from the Monorail station and the Towers area. 
  • It is also 10 minutes away from the government district and the banking district. 
  • It is about 15 minutes away from Al Amal Corridor and the Universities District. 
  • Minutes away from the iconic tower, the tallest tower on the African continent. 
  • Diamond Tower is located with a distinctive view of the Green River and the central park. 
  • It is close to the regional ring road, New Capital Airport, the City of Culture and the financial district 

Design and space of Capital diamond tower New Capital 

The space 

The project was established on an area of 22,000 square meters, with allocating about 80% of the project area to green areas, parks and gardens, while the units’ space statement is as follows: 

  • The commercial units space starts from 30 square meters. 
  • The administrative and hotel units space starts from 50 square meters. 

Tower design 

Capital Diamond Tower has witnessed great professionalism in the design style that catches the eye, as you can hardly see a similar architectural design in the Administrative Capital, especially with this high rise. The general design and distribution of units within the tower is as follows: 

  • The tower consists of a ground floor + 45 recurring floors 
  • It contains an underground garage consisting of 5 floors 
  • Floors from the ground floor to the second floor, for commercial units and services 
  • The third floor is designated as services for the commercial roles in the project 
  • From the fourth floor to the 35th floor, they are administrative units 
  • From the 36th floor to the last, they are hotel apartment units 
  • There are also distinctive restaurants located on the last two floors for the first time in Egypt 

Capital Diamond Tower payment systems and prices

Capital Diamond Tower payment systems and prices

the prices 

  • The price per meter for the administrative units starts from 35,000 pounds 
  • The price per meter for the hotel units starts from 50,000 pounds 
  • The price per meter for commercial units starts from 100,000 EGP 

Note: The price per square meter in Capital Diamond Tower in the Administrative Capital is constantly changing, so make sure of your unit price before requesting a purchase by clicking here 

Payment and payment systems 

  • Pay a 10% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 7 years 
  • Pay a 20% down payment, and the rest in installments over 8 years 
  • Pay a 30% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 9 years 

Reservation down payment 

  • 50,000 pounds for the administrative and hotel units 
  • 100,000 pounds for commercial units 

Capital Diamond Tower New Capital’s services 

  • A large mosque 
  • Security and guarding services 
  • security cameras 
  • Electronic portals 
  • Outdoor swimming pools 
  • Artificial lakes 
  • Electric lifts 
  • Escalators 
  • Spa and gym 
  • Amusement parks for the kids 
  • Green spaces 
  • Huge ad interfaces 
  • Conference rooms 
  • Periodic maintenance work 
  • Cafes and restaurants 
  • Drive thru service 
  • Smart lighting systems 
  • Central air-conditioning 
  • Central Satellite  
  • Internet 
  • Firefighting system 
  • generators 
  • Underground garage 
  • Double glazed facades 

Capital Diamond Tower New Capital features 

Capital Diamond Tower New Capital features 
  • Diamond Tower is ranked as the 11th tallest building in the world 
  • It also ranks sixth in the world in terms of circulation 
  • The Capital Diamond Tower ranks the New Capital as the tallest twisted tower in the world 
  • A unique geographical location, in the most dynamic and dynamic areas 
  • Luxurious exterior design with distinctive interior and exterior finishes 
  • An integrated project that provides housing, commercial and administrative services 
  • The tower offers different spaces to meet all needs 
  • Varying prices according to space and unit type 
  • A variety of easy and convenient payment systems 
  • Reliance on clean solar energy 
  • There is a Sky Roof at the top of the tower 

Disadvantages of the Capital Diamond Tower project 

Amazon Holding has shown great interest in its new project in order for it to come out in the best possible way, and this is what it has already achieved through the integration of the Capital Diamond Tower project, but some may see a defect for them in not providing medical units, especially with a project of this size 

The owner company of the Capital diamond tower project 

The Diamond Tower project is implemented by Amazon Holding Company, which is one of the best real estate companies in Egypt, which presented a wide range of the most important projects in the Middle East throughout its presence on the scene, especially its distinction in the construction of skyscrapers and high-rise towers 

Amazon Holding Company Projects

  • Corniche Tower 
  • Fujairah Office Tower 
  • Dubai Marina Tower 
  • Three Towers project 
  • Diamond Tower series of projects in Dubai 

Amazon Holding Partners 

Engineering consultant 

Engineer Asaad Salameh, who owns a long list of previous works, for example, we mention the following: 

  • Dubai offices tower 
  • Hilton Hurghada 
  • Paramount Tower 
  • Doha city center 

Management company 

EFS Company, which was based on several previous projects, such as the following: 

  • Emaar Misr 
  • Palm Hills 

Real estate transactions are one of the crucial decisions in an individual’s life, and with the spread of various real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate website Korastsherot offers you a selection of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market, to help you make a proper purchase decision 

to get your investment unit inside the Capital Diamond Tower with a view for the latest project offers please click here 

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