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8 of the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

8of the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

The neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement are characterized by sophistication and are the preferred destination for those who wish to live in a quiet and safe area away from the noise of downtown Cairo, with the availability of service and entertainment capabilities that make it independent and self-sufficient

The Fifth Settlement city consists of about 12 neighborhoods with a great similarity in lifestyle and a slight difference in the residential prices in each of them. There is also Teesen Street, which is the most famous street in the Fifth Settlement, which contains various activities that are considered one of the symbols and landmarks of the city

We discuss the most important details about the Fifth Settlement neighborhoods and the advantages and disadvantages of the city in general, with an indication of the most important commercial, educational and entertainment features of the city

Where is the Fifth Settlement City located?

?أحياء التجمع الخامس

The Fifth Settlement area is within the scope of the city of New Cairo, which was established in the year 2000 as one of the areas affiliated to the comprehensive plan for the implementation of the New Egyptian Cities Project, locatedgeographically in the eastern arc of Greater Cairo, near the following

  • .Close to Nasr City, especially its close proximity to Zahraa Nasr City
  •  It is a maximum of 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital It is located on the borders of Al-Rehab City, so there are many compounds located in front of Al-Rehab and belonging to the Fifth Settlement
  •  .A few minutes away from the ring road
  •  .It is also located on the Suez Road and Ain Sokhna Road

?What is the area of Fifth Settlement

The area is an integral part of New Cairo, which extends over a huge area of more than 70,000 acres, where the Fifth Settlement neighborhoods come with a distinctive geographical distribution that extends over a large area, and most of its geographical areas are exploited for green spaces, especially the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement that are characterized by nature Scenic is its main feature

:The total area of the Fifth Settlement includes all living and entertainment facilities, such as the following

Residential projects
Commercial malls
Recreational areas
Green and water bodies
public places
Public streets
Infrastructure facilities

The most important educational institutions in the Fifth Settlement

أحياء التجمع الخامس

The educational authorities in the Fifth Settlement City are divided into universities and schools, and this is what we discuss as follows

Fifth Settlement Schools

Misr International School
The European School in Cairo
Egypt 2000 Modern Schools
The Egyptian Language School
Al Haramain Private School
Salahaddin International Turkish School
Agyal Integrated Language School
American International School
Modern English School
Cairo Experimental Language School
Green Heights Language School
Bedaya International School

In addition, there are many other distinguished schools distributed among the different neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement

Fifth Settlement Universities

Future university
The International Higher Institute for Languages and Translation
Canadian International College in Cairo
New Cairo Academy
German University
American University
police Academy

The most famous service and entertainment areas in the Fifth Settlement

the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

Cairo Festival Mall

It is a distinctive sign of the city, which is visited by many residents of Greater Cairo and the neighboring cities of the Fifth Settlement, due to it being one of the most important commercial and entertainment centers in Egypt

The mall contains all the service necessities, including shops, clothing and shoe stores, famous restaurants, cafes, and others

City Plaza Mall

A mall that contains several services such as a restaurant, a café, a bank, a pharmacy, and various shops. It is located on Street 17, and the project is still under construction and development

Down Town Mall

It is located on Teseen Street and containsshops, restaurants, and cafes. It is also a unique entertainment place suitable for taking pictures, in addition to that, it is one of the prominent landmarks in the area

 Magic Stores amusement park

A complete amusement park with a variety of tastes, suitable for adults and children, and many children’s favorite games are available

 Family garden

It occupies a large area that may reach 80 acresand is considered one of the distinctive green spaces in Cairo. It is also characterized by medium prices and is a suitable place for children

Advantages of Fifth Settlement

كمبوند قطامية هيلز التجمع الخامس

The neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement and the region are distinguished by several features that make them a destination for many visitors, and their most important features can be summarized as follows

 Its privileged location in the heart of Cairo

The Fifth Settlement is located in the heart of Greater Cairo, with its relative isolation and tranquility, which is very impressive for an area of bustling Cairo

 Availability of transportation and easy access to the city

One of the most important features of this city is the ease of transportation to and from it, thanks to the availability of several transportation to it from different regions and directly to the different neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, in addition to the presence of a bus line dedicated to the Fifth Settlement area that operates 24 hours a day

 It has mild weather throughout the year

The areas of the Fifth Settlement have a wide area of 70,000 acres with a medium proportion of architecture, which makes it a city that is not overcrowded and not crowded, in addition to its height above sea level of about 180 meters, which makes its climate mild in summer and winter

 Availability of all service and recreational facilities

If you are a resident of one of the neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, you will most likely not need to go out of the city much, due to the availability of many basic services, places for picnics, and more

 A unique residential and investment opportunity

The Fifth Settlement is characterized by sophistication and luxury, moreover, it is a suitable environment for real estate investment and obtaining the highest possible returns, in addition to its importance in providing a distinguished lifestyle, as it includes a group of the best malls in New Cairo and its residential compounds

Disadvantages of Fifth Settlement

كمبوند الرياض سيكون التجمع الخامس
the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

What we have mentioned about its advantages and characteristics for living and investment, it has some defects that we cannot overlook, and these defects are as follows

 Exaggerated Fifth Settlement prices

We note that there is a clear rise in the prices of residential units in this city, even the economic units among them are considered to have higher prices than units in other areas of Cairo, and it is also defective for the high prices of living in terms of food and clothing due to the high monthly rents in the Fifth Settlement neighborhoods, which may reach 50 or 60 thousand pounds in some areas

Overcrowding in some areas of the Fifth Settlement

A kind of overcrowding began to appear in some areas, such as the Fifth Settlement, Street 90, which is considered one of the vital areas that the demand for it gradually increases with its development and the increase in services there

 Far from vital areas in Cairo

Although the city is distinguished by its location in the heart of Cairo, it is clearly isolated from the capital, and you can feel this matter if you are a resident of one of the geographically extreme cities in Cairo or even in its center and have daily work in the Fifth Settlement. Of course, the matter is annoying, especially with the presence of several different traffic jams

?What are the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

كمبوند فاميلي سيتي التجمع الخامس
the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

It may be confusing for those who wish to live in the Fifth Settlement City, with some confusion in choosing among its different neighborhoods, so we review the following the best neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement

Al Narges District, Fifth Settlement

  • It is located near the Al-Ahyaa area of the city, and you can reach it through Al-MoshirTantawy Axis
  •  The American University is located in this neighborhood, in addition to the various service facilities
  •  The average prices of Fifth Settlement apartments in Al Narges neighborhood are estimated at around EGP 2 million

Al-Qronfol District, Fifth Settlement

  •  It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city, and it is located inthe Fifth Settlement, Street 90, near the investors’ areas, and near Madinaty and Al Rehab
  • The average price per square meter in the Fifth Settlement, Al-Qronfol District, is 6000 EGP, as it is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement

Lotus District, Fifth Settlement

  •  This neighborhood is located near Madinatyand El Shorouk, and you can reach it through the Ring Road, Teseen Street, and the Cairo-Suez Desert Road
  •  The average price per meter of apartments in the Lotus neighborhood is about 7,600 pounds
  • It is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement for residential units

90th Street, Fifth Settlement

  • Fifth Settlement, Street 90, is divided into the main, northern, and southern 90th Street, and is characterized by the presence of various services, companies, and commercial malls, in addition to its inclusion of a group of the best Fifth Settlement compounds
  •  The average prices of apartments in the main 90 reaches one million pounds, while the average prices of villas reach 7,500,000 pounds
  •  The average prices of apartments in the Northern 90 reach 900 thousand pounds, while the average prices of villas reach4,500,000 pounds
  • The average price of apartments in the southern 90 reaches 450 thousand pounds, while the average price of villas reaches 14 million pounds

Andalus District, Fifth Settlement

  • It is located on the borders of Al-MosheerAxis and 90th Street, and near the entrance to the Fifth Settlement
  •  It is characterized by the presence of educational universities and sports clubs
  •  The average prices of apartments in Al-Andalus neighborhood reach one million pounds

Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement

  •  One of the new architectural projects locatedalong North Teseen Street, near Madinatyand Al Rehab
  • The prices of the apartments in Beit El Watan, New Cairo, start from 510,000 pounds

Choueifat District, Fifth Settlement

  •  It is located at the entrance to the city and is called the Schools District because it contains several different schools
  • Apartment prices in the Fifth Settlement, Choueifat neighborhood, start at 1,450,000 pounds

West Arabella

  •  An area located near Youth Housing and Katameya Heights, and the German University and the American School are located in it
  •  The average price of apartments in the West Arabella neighborhood is estimated at 7,400 pounds, and it is considered one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement

?What are the best Fifth Settlement compounds

كمبوند سنشري سيتي التجمع الخامس
the best neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

It is the most comprehensive area for the majority of New Cairo compounds and the most prestigious and quality, so we discuss, for example, some of the most prominent ones as follows

Mivida Compound
Zed East Compound
Mountain View I City
Hyde Park Compound
Katameya Hills Compound
Stei8ht Compound
Mountain View 1 Extension
The Address East Compound
Jayd Compound
Sodic East
Taj City Compound
Fifth Square ceremony
Palm Hills Compound
La Fontaine Compound

?What are the best malls in Fifth Settlement

برك في التجمع الخامس

We address the answer to this question by mentioning the best malls in the Fifth Settlement, for example

  • Fifth Square Mall
  • Granoy Mall
  •  Prk Vie mall
  •  Iguall Mall
  • G7 Mall
  •  It Business Hub
  •  The Venue Mall
  •  Trivium Mall
  •  Nawar Mall

FAQ about the Fifth Settlement


?What are the most famous streets of the Fifth Settlement

Ninety (90) Street is the most famous of all

?Which is better, the Fifth Settlement or Madinaty

– The Fifth Settlement is the best in terms of the standard of living, as well as in terms of the availability of various opportunities

What is the sales number for the projects of the Fifth Settlement


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