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Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Down Payment: 15%

Price starts from: 1,974,000 EGP
The real estate developer El Attal Developments
The project location Ras Sidr
The project area 7 acres
Units Type Hotel apartments
Installments period up to 5 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village is an ideal destination for a fun-filled vacation, where this wonderful project has been developed by El Alattal Holding for Real Estate Development and Investment, one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt. The village is characterized by its upscale design and high-quality offerings, providing a diverse range of residential units to meet various customer needs.

The location of Ras Sidr is distinguished by its stunning panoramic views of the Red Sea, allowing visitors to enjoy breathtaking scenery and a unique atmosphere. The project has been carefully designed to include expansive green spaces surrounding all residential units, creating a tranquil and natural environment that promotes relaxation and comfort.

El Alattal Holding offers a variety of residential units in different sizes to cater to the needs and preferences of all customers. You can now book your spot at Bay Side Ras Sidr Village and enjoy special moments with your family, benefiting from a variety of water and entertainment activities offered by the village.

Join us at Bay Side Ras Sidr Village and experience a unique blend of comfort and entertainment in one place.

The location of Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village is considered one of the distinctive geographical locations that sets this project apart noticeably from others. It occupies a prominent and strategic vital position, allowing its residents to enjoy direct views of the Red Sea from all residential units in the village. Additionally, the village is situated near a range of important places and roads, enhancing its value and contributing to easy accessibility.

Some of the neighboring places to Bay Side Ras Sidr Village include:

  • Suez Canal Tunnel
  • National road network implemented by the Egyptian government
  • Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel

The space and design of Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village
Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

El Alattal Holding for Real Estate Development and Investment has chosen a specific area to establish Bay Side Ras Sidr Village, with the aim of providing a diverse range of residential units that cater to the preferences of all individuals. These units have been designed with varying sizes to meet the needs of customers, and a variety of upscale and essential services have been offered to ensure their comfort.

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village was created on an area of 7 feddans (approximately 29,400 square meters) directly on the Red Sea shore, giving its residents distinctive and comfortable views every morning. The residential units in this village are characterized by their diverse sizes, starting from 70 square meters and above.

El Alattal Holding for Real Estate Development participated in the implementation of Bay Side Ras Sidr Village project in collaboration with Engineer Yasser El Beltagy, with the aim of providing the most beautiful and luxurious designs that reflect luxury and distinctiveness.

Units types in Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village, consisting of 32 hotel units, was established through the collaboration of El Alattal Holding with the largest engineering companies to achieve luxurious and upscale designs. These units were delivered with a fully finished level of quality standards, and an additional 160 units were fully furnished.

  • The units’ spaces in Bay Side Ras Sidr Village are distinguished by their diversity, ranging from 70 square meters to 125 square meters, and finally reaching up to 165 square meters.

Services of Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village stands out by providing a comprehensive range of the best services and diverse facilities that excellently cater to individuals’ daily needs. The real estate developer of the project takes great care in coordinating the space distribution to ensure maximum comfort and luxury.

  • Surrounding the village are green spaces and multiple scenic views, including artificial lakes and water fountains.
  • Various swimming pools with different designs and depths are available to cater to all needs.
  • A variety of cafes and restaurants are offered to satisfy all tastes. Bay Side Ras Sidr Village includes gym halls and various sports facilities that meet the needs of both men and women, equipped with the latest devices and equipment.
  • Saunas, spas, and jacuzzis ensure a wonderful relaxation experience for the residents of Bay Side Ras Sidr Village.
  • A comprehensive medical center is available, encompassing all medical specialties and the latest medical equipment.
  • A large mosque is present, accommodating a significant number of worshippers.
  • A massive commercial center combines a variety of entertainment activities.
  • Designated areas for sports, health, and social clubs are available.
  • Safe play areas for children are provided. Ample parking spaces are available for village residents.
  • The village offers regular maintenance services for gardens and public facilities.

Units prices in Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village, a prominent project by El-Attal Holding Company, stands out as one of the key initiatives characterized by its competitive prices starting from 1,974,000 Egyptian pounds. This project also features a unique and flexible payment system that extends for up to 6 years, making it an attractive choice for investors and interested buyers. The chalets are offered with complete finishing, furnished, and air conditioning systems.

Payment systems of Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Bay Side Ras Sidr Village

Now enjoy a unique and upscale living experience with significant facilitations in the payment process. El-Attal Holding Company for Development and Real Estate has introduced a variety of payment methods for the value of residential units in Bay Side Ras Sidr Village. You can explore the installment systems through the following points:

  • Option of a 15% down payment of the unit’s value, with a payment period spanning over 5 years.
  • Possibility to pay a reservation deposit of 20% and install the unit’s value over 6 years.

El-Attal Holding has provided a range of features, including:

  • Maintenance cost: 10%.
  • Delivery of all residential units after one year from the contract date.
  • Offering fully finished residential units (with a luxury finish) and air conditioning system installation.

These details make Bay Side Ras Sidr Village an exceptional and attractive opportunity for individuals seeking a luxurious and flexible residential experience in terms of payment.

El Attal Developments

The prestigious and well-established real estate company, led by the renowned businessman Adel Al-Atal, was founded in 1948. They offer an outstanding array of prominent residential projects in Egypt, and among these projects, Bay Side Ras Sidr Village stands out as one of the latest and most luxurious ones.

Bay Side Ras Sidr Villageis considered one of the most attractive coastal projects, owing to its prime and strategic location, coupled with its exceptional range of services and facilities within the project to meet the residents’ aspirations and needs.

Seize the opportunity and reserve your unit in one of the most upscale coastal areas in Ras Sidr, especially since it is developed by one of the largest leading real estate companies in the market. The company has introduced a flexible and unique payment system extended over a long period. To find out the latest prices and select the right opportunity for you, simply get in touch with the Select House team as soon as possible.

Here are some projects by Alatal Holding:

  1. The Pavilion Mall New Capital.
  2. Park Lane Compound New Capital.
  3. Maxim Country Project New Cairo.
  4. Implementation of the Fatenn Hamama Tower.

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The real estate developer

El Attal Developments

The project’s location

Ras Sidr

The project’s area

7 acres

Units type

Hotel apartments

Sales number


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