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Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 23000

Down Payment: 10%

كمبوند الما الشيخ زايد
Price starts from: 6,200,000 EGP
The real estate developer Iwan Real Estate Development Company
The project location In front of Arkan Mall in sheikh Zayed City
The project area about 35 acres
Units Type Duplex, Apartments, Townhouses, Twin Townhouses, Standalone Villas, and Family Homes
Maintenance deposit 5%
Units Space: starting from 220 sqm
Finishing systems The units are delivered in semi-finished condition. "The customer can negotiate with the company for finishing their unit according to their preferences."
Installments period from 4 to 6 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound offered by Iwan Real Estate Development Company, is situated in one of the best geographical locations in Sheikh Zayed City, right in front of Arkan Mall, making it a landmark in the area. It enjoys proximity to several important roads, such as the 26th of July Axis, and is surrounded by diverse services and vibrant areas like Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square. With its exceptional location, it is considered one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed.

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound presents a significant investment opportunity for those interested in real estate, as it was developed by Iwan Real Estate Company, a leading player in the real estate sector, known for its excellent reputation and high credibility.

The location of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound
Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Iwan Real Estate Development Company was keen on selecting a strategic location that offers centrality and vibrancy to ensure high investment value for investors in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound. The compound was strategically positioned at the convergence of major routes and is in close proximity to important roads and thoroughfares such as Al Mehwar and Al Bustan Street. It is also conveniently situated a short distance away from Juhayna Square, Hyper One, and Mall of Arabia.

Furthermore, the location boasts proximity to a wide range of vital facilities, such as Global Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, and the headquarters of the Central Sheikh Zayed Authority. Additionally, numerous government institutions and banking services, like Banque Misr, are available near the compound. Thanks to this exceptional location, investors can enjoy a distinctive residential experience and a stable lifestyle in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound.

The most prominent areas close to Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound is located just 5 minutes away from Mall of Arabia, Juhaynah Square, and Hyper One.
  • It is also in close proximity to 6th of October City and Zayed Specialized Hospital.
  • Additionally, the compound is situated near the administrative offices of Sheikh Zayed City and very close to 26th of July Axis, allowing easy access to various districts of Greater Cairo.
  • Moreover, the compound offers many important services, including the presence of Banque Misr and others.

The space of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

The real estate developer has allocated a large area of approximately 35 acres for the project, with a significant portion dedicated to green spaces. As for the unit sizes in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • Family Homes start from 220 square meters.
  • Twin Houses start from 267 square meters.
  • Standalone Villas start from 363 square meters.

Services of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound
Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound offers the following distinguished services:

  1. Diverse sports and entertainment facilities, such as a sports club, spa, and gym equipped with the latest equipment, and beautiful swimming pools.
  2. Restaurants serving delicious cuisine, along with shops and cafes to enjoy leisure time.
  3. Dedicated spaces for holding various matches and competitions, as well as a sports promenade for walking enthusiasts.
  4. Maintenance and car service centers, organized compound entrances and exits, and well-planned roads.
  5. Security and surveillance services, with CCTV cameras and highly trained security personnel ensuring safety and protection.
  6. Pharmacies and medical centers, equipped with the latest medical equipment, first aid facilities, and health clinics.
  7. BBQ areas and venues for events, along with designated children’s play areas.
  8. A mosque with all necessary amenities, including a women’s prayer area and ablution facilities.

Features of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound offers the following features:

  1. Freedom of choice in unit finishing, allowing residents to customize their living spaces according to their preferences.
  2. Independent villas with private gardens and swimming pools, providing a luxurious and exclusive lifestyle.
  3. Beautiful views of green spaces, artificial fountains, and man-made lakes, creating a serene and picturesque environment.
  4. Ensuring privacy and tranquility for residents, making it a peaceful and harmonious community.
  5. Short delivery time, with a maximum of 3 years, allowing investors and homeowners to move in quickly.
  6. A wide variety of residential units and available spaces, catering to different needs and preferences.
  7. A prime geographical location in front of Arkan Plaza Mall, offering easy access to various amenities and services.

Prices and payment systems of Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Prices: The price per square meter starts from 23,000 Egyptian Pounds. The lowest price for units in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound starts from 6,200,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment Plans:

  • 10% down payment.
  • 15% after 3 months from the contract date.
  • 10% upon unit delivery (handover).
  • 5% maintenance deposit.
  • The remaining amount can be paid over 4 years through installments.

Importance of investing in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Investing in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound is considered a smart choice for several reasons, as it offers high and stable returns for investors. Additionally, Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound boasts numerous features that make it an ideal option for both living and investment, including:

  1. Prime Location: The compound is strategically situated in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, making it convenient to access all major areas in Cairo and its suburbs.
  2. Modern Facilities and Services: Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound provides residents with modern amenities, allowing them to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. These amenities include green spaces, swimming pools, sports courts, restaurants, and commercial outlets.
  3. Advanced Security Systems: The compound is equipped with sophisticated and multi-layered security and protection systems, ensuring a safe environment for living and investing.
  4. High and Stable Returns: Properties in Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound offer high and steady returns to investors due to the increasing demand for real estate in this area.
  5. Carefully Designed Community: The compound is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of its residents, ensuring their comfort and quality of life within the community.

In conclusion, Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound presents an attractive investment opportunity with its strategic location, modern amenities, and potential for high returns, making it an appealing choice for both residents and investors.

The real estate developer

Iwan Real Estate Development Company

Iwan Real Estate Development Company is a leading Egyptian company in the real estate field. It was founded in 2004 and has over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry. The company has completed more than 10 successful residential projects, ranging from coastal, commercial, and administrative developments. Some of its notable projects include:

  1. Jeera Compound Sheikh Zayed City.
  2. Jedar Compound in 6th of October City.
  3. Majada Village in Ain Sokhna.

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The real estate developer

Iwan Real Estate Development Company

The project’s location

In front of Arkan Mall in sheikh Zayed City

The project’s area

About 35 acres

Sales number


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