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Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2026

Down Payment: 5%

Price starts from: 4,600,000 EGP
The real estate developer Mountain View Real Estate Development Company
The project location Mostakbal City
Project Area: 638 acres
Units type Apartments and villas
Buildings designs a ground floor and 3, 4, or 5 repeated floors
Building percentage 15%
installments period up to 8 years
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Welcome to Aliva Mostakbal City Compound, the luxurious residential destination presented by Mountain View Real Estate Development. Aliva Mostakbal City Compound, the fantastic investment project, spans an expansive area exceeding 638 acres within Mostakbal City, making it one of the largest projects in the area. Aliva Mostakbal City Compound stands out by offering luxurious residential units at unparalleled competitive prices.

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is characterized by providing comprehensive services that make the life of its residents a unique experience. They enjoy security and comfort thanks to the 24-hour security and surveillance system, surrounded by stunning green spaces and walking areas, providing a calm and beautiful living environment.

Residents can also enjoy advanced social and sports facilities, in addition to the presence of high-quality schools and educational facilities in the area. With shopping centers, retail stores, and diverse restaurants, residents can enjoy all the comforts and entertainment close to their homes.

In short, Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is an ideal investment opportunity that combines luxury and comfort at competitive prices, offering residents an exceptional quality of life in a strategic location within Mostakbal City.

The location of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound boasts a prime location at the heart of Mostakbal City, offering its residents and visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the latest urban developments in Egypt. The project enjoys a strategic location adjacent to many essential facilities and landmarks, making life there more comfortable and convenient.

Near Aliva Mostakbal City Compound, you will find high-quality schools to educate your children, specialized hospitals for healthcare, and modern shopping centers that cater to all your shopping and entertainment needs. Additionally, you can easily access main roads and public transportation, making traveling within and outside Mostakbal City convenient and straightforward.

Facilities and landmarks near Aliva Mostakbal City Compound:

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound enjoys a distinguished strategic location in the heart of Mostakbal City, as it is close to many primary sites that can be easily accessed:

  • 5 minutes to Madinaty: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound provides quick access to the modern city of Madinaty, where residents can enjoy shopping, dining, and recreational activities.
  • 5 minutes to New Capital: Thanks to its proximity to New Capital, Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is an ideal place for work and investment.
  • 18 minutes to New Cairo: Residents can easily reach New Cairo and its diverse facilities in just 18 minutes.
  • 21 minutes to Cairo International Airport: Due to its central location, travelers can easily and quickly reach Cairo International Airport.

The space of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

The space of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is one of the most prominent features of this magnificent project, as it was ingeniously designed to combine luxury and sustainability. Aliva Mostakbal City Compound spans an area of over 638 acres, making it one of the largest projects within Mostakbal City.

This vast space has been utilized exceptionally, where the project includes luxurious apartments and high-end villas with the highest level of design and quality. In addition, it stands out by providing distinguished services that make residents’ lives more luxurious and comfortable.

What distinguishes Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is its smart environmental thinking. Only 15% of the total vast project area has been allocated for residential units, leaving the rest for green spaces, facilities, and services. This makes the project the first eco-friendly residential city in Mostakbal City, providing a sustainable and appealing living environment for residents.

The design of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

The units in Aliva Mostakbal City Compound are characterized by a unique design, offering multiple housing options that include ground units and upper units consisting of 3, 4, or 5 upper floors. A distance of 20 meters has been allocated between the units to provide unique privacy for each residential unit, allowing residents to enjoy tranquility and relaxation in their surroundings.

The quality of architectural design and the selection of the best engineers and designers reflect the uniqueness of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound project. This masterpiece embodies a clear vision of real estate development and a commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and aesthetics. Mountain View Company has a strong reputation in the real estate world and always strives for excellence in all its projects.

Employing the best engineers and designers helps achieve uniqueness and innovation in architectural design and ensures the plans are executed with the highest level of precision and quality. This greatly contributes to adding artistic and aesthetic value to Aliva Mostakbal City Compound, making it an ideal destination for living and investment.

With this uniqueness and attention to quality in design and implementation, Aliva Mostakbal City Compound enjoys an exceptional status in the real estate world, combining luxury, aesthetics, and practical functions to offer a luxurious residential experience that meets residents’ expectations.

To enhance the quality of life in Aliva Mostakbal City Compound, vast areas have been allocated for green spaces and facilities. These green spaces include 7 distinctive residential gardens bearing names that reflect their nature:

  • River Garden: Provides a serene and beautiful atmosphere overlooking the river waters.
  • Field Garden: An open and spacious area that includes places for picnics and sports activities.
  • Club Garden: A place dedicated to social and recreational activities.
  • Lagoon: A beautiful lake with stunning natural views.
  • Central Park: The hub of social life and community activities.
  • Mv5: An open green space offering a tranquil environment.
  • 5.1 Garden: A place where one can enjoy peace and relaxation.

Services of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound project offers a wide range of services to enhance the quality of life for residents and ensure a comfortable and integrated living experience. These services include:

  • Two Gates for Each Park: Providing two gates for each park enhances accessibility and boosts security and privacy.
  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance: An advanced security system operates around the clock to ensure the safety of residents and their properties.
  • Green Spaces and Gardens: The project boasts diverse green spaces and beautiful gardens, adding a sense of tranquility and beauty.
  • Recreational Facilities: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound includes sports fields, swimming pools, and outdoor play areas.
  • Shops and Shopping Centers: A variety of shops and commercial centers cater to daily shopping and service needs.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: A selection of restaurants and cafes offer diverse and delicious dining experiences.
  • Schools and Educational Facilities: High-quality schools and educational facilities within the project provide excellent education for children.
  • Hospital and Health Facilities: The project includes a hospital and comprehensive health facilities for resident care.
  • Parking Spaces: Ample parking areas ensure easy access and convenience for residents.
  • Social Club: An integrated social club offers social and cultural activities for residents.
  • Maintenance and Management Services: Professional maintenance teams ensure the project is kept at the highest quality standards.
  • 8-Acre River: The presence of a river within Aliva Mostakbal City Compound adds a beautiful touch and an additional feature to the living experience.
  • Central Park: A central garden connects the gardens of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound and serves as a social and central gathering point for the area.

Units in Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound stands out with its diverse residential units that cater to the varying needs of families and individuals. These units include:

  • Millennial 1 (G+5): Residential units ranging in size from 115 square meters to 165 square meters.
  • iVilla Grand (G+3): Features spaces that include a garden of 250 square meters and a rooftop of 210 square meters.
  • iVilla 3.00 (G+4): Includes varied spaces between 180 square meters and 210 square meters with private gardens and rooftops.
  • iVilla Apartments: Their sizes vary between 120 square meters, 190 square meters, and 220 square meters, with the option of enjoying a private rooftop.
  • Townhouses (Townhouse Corner 210 meters and Townhouse Middle 210 meters): Consist of two floors in addition to the rooftop.
  • Villas (Mansion 350 meters, Villa 285 meters, Villa 255 meters).
  • Lake House is characterized by a space of 385 square meters.
  • Green House with a space of 375 square meters.

Prices of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

Aliva Mostakbal City Compound
  • Apartments: Prices for apartments in Aliva Mostakbal City Compound start from 4.6 million Egyptian pounds.
  • I-Villa (190 meters – 250 meters): Unit prices in this category start from 7.9 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouses (210 meters – 220 meters): Townhouse unit prices start from 11.7 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Villas (260 meters – 340 meters): Starting from 20.8 million Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

A down payment of only 5% of the unit’s value is required, and the remaining amount can be paid over 8 years.

Booking fees:

  • 20,000 Egyptian pounds for apartments.
  • 30,000 Egyptian pounds for I-Villa.
  • 50,000 Egyptian pounds for townhouses and villas.

Reasons to invest in Aliva Mostakbal City Compound

  • Strategic Location: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is situated in one of the largest destinations of Future City, covering an area of over 638 acres, making it a significant and distinguished investment destination.
  • Smart and Eco-friendly City: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is a smart city incorporating modern technology to make residents’ lives more comfortable and secure. Additionally, it places a high emphasis on being environmentally friendly.
  • Gardens and Green Spaces: All gardens in Aliva Mostakbal City Compound are interconnected, with each garden designed to offer a unique experience, allowing residents to enjoy tranquility and nature.
  • Diverse Housing Units: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound offers a variety of housing units with different sizes to cater to diverse requirements.
  • Low Density: The project is designed with low density, allowing for more privacy and green spaces.
  • Unit Distribution: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound provides a diverse distribution of units with equal numbers across different floors.
  • Good ROI Rates: Aliva Mostakbal City Compound is expected to offer a good investment opportunity due to its unique design and location.
  • Strength of the Developing Company: Mountain View Real Estate Development has a strong reputation in the real estate market and a rich history of delivering successful, high-quality projects.

About Mountain View Real Estate Developments

Mountain View Real Estate Development is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, distinguished by a rich record of successful and innovative projects. The company was founded in 2006 by a group of creative Egyptian engineers and businessmen. Since then, it has rapidly grown and evolved to become one of the most significant and largest real estate development companies in the country.

Mountain View offers a diverse range of real estate projects, including residential, commercial, and tourist resorts. It stands out for its high-quality orientation and innovative architectural design. The company relies on the most skilled engineers and collaborates with some of the most prominent engineering firms to deliver high-quality projects that meet the expectations of customers and investors.

Mountain View Real Estate Development’s projects reflect high quality and sophisticated architectural design, offering clients unique opportunities for investment and residence in an integrated environment that meets all their needs. Thanks to its dedication to achieving the highest quality standards and commitment to environmental standards, Mountain View is a pioneer in developing eco-friendly real estate projects.

Additionally, the company is characterized by transparency and honesty in dealing with clients and investors, contributing to building relationships based on trust and mutual success. Mountain View Real Estate Development serves as a model in the real estate world in Egypt and the region, committed to innovation and sustainable development to meet the needs of clients and the community.

Projects by Mountain View:

  • Mountain View I-City New Cairo project.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park New Cairo compound.
  • Mountain View Giza Plateau project.
  • Mountain View Park the Lake project.
  • Mountain View North Coast Ras El Hikma project.
  • Mountain View Diplomats project.
  • Mountain View Lagoon Beach Park October project.

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The real estate developer

Mountain View Developments

The project location

Mostakbal City

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