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A1 Corner Mall New Capital

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 32000

Down Payment: 10%

A1 Corner Mall New Capital
Price starts from: 980,000 EGP
The developer company SV Developments Company
The project location Down Town area
Project space 2500 meters
Mall's design consisting of a ground floor and other 12 floors, with 3 floors dedicated for car garage
Type of units Administrative, commercial, medical
Units spaces starting from 25 meters
Repayment period up to 10 years
Available discounts a 10% discount, also discounts up to 30%
Sales number 00201104894802

SV Developments Company presents an attractive investment opportunity inside A1 Corner Mall New Capital project, which is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio that serve the Egyptian real estate market.

A1 Corner Mall New Capital offers residential, administrative, and medical units with various spaces that suit all needs, and it is distinguished with unique payment systems, in addition to this, SV Developments Company offers competitive and distinctive prices for A1 Corner Mall New Capital project, which makes it an unparalleled opportunity for investors.

A1 Corner Mall New Capital’s Location

A1 Corner Mall New Capital's Location

A1 Corner Mall New Capital is distinguished with its unique location which makes it distinctive among New Capital’s projects, the project lies in front of Tourist Towers, it is also located as the third number on North Bin Zayed Axis. In addition to this, A1 Corner Mall New Capital enjoys a direct view on a main street which is 90 meters wide. This distinctive location of A1 Corner Mall New Capital is an ideal opportunity for investors looking for a suitable location for their projects.

A1 Corner Mall New Capital is located near the New Egyptian Museum, and it can be reached within 5 minutes from the Gold market. The mall is also 5 minutes away from Misr Mosque and the Monorail Station. In addition to this, the project is only 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, and it can be reached in 5 minutes from New Cairo as well.

The location of A1 Corner Mall New Capital makes it an excellent option for investors and customers looking for a strategic and central location for their projects and businesses.

The design and area of A1 Corner Mall New Capital

An area of 2500 square meters was exploited and allocated for the construction of A1 Corner Mall New Capital as the area of the project was exploited in a different way to present different units that serve all clients.

A1 Mall New Capital is distinguished by its distinctive and modern design, as the project consists of a building that contains a ground floor and 12 other floors, in addition to, 3 floors allocated for the garage, and floors in the projects are allocated as follows:

  • Ground floor to the third floor: allocated for commercial units, as commercial spaces are offered starting from 30 sqm. These units were designed to meet the needs of the commercial businesses in ways that get along with modern requirements and modern designs.
  • Forth and fifth floors: allocated for medical units, as medical spaces are offered starting from 25 sqm. And these units are designed attentively to meet the needs of the medical facilities, clinics, and health centers, with suitable spaces and advanced designs.
  • Sixth floor to twelfth floor: allocated for administrative units, as administrative spaces are offered starting from 25 sqm. As these units were designed to offer an effective and comfortable environment to companies, offices, and institutions with designs that meet modern business needs.

A1 Corner Mall New Capital’s services

A1 Corner Mall New Capital's services

A1 Corner Mall New Capital is distinguished by offering a varied collection of wonderful services that guarantees you to have an excellent experience as a client or as an investor, some of these services are:

  • A large garage consisting of 3 floors to provide safe and comfortable spots for cars
  • High-speed internet to facilitate work and communication within the mall.
  • The emergency staircase available in the mall to ensure safety in case of need.
  • The availability of 5 elevators to facilitate visitors movement in the mall and to move between floors easily.
  • A private elevator for the disabled to facilitate the movement of investors and visitors without obstacles.
  • A state-of-the-art power generator to ensure the continuity of electricity and immediate response to power outages.
  • Security and guarding services to provide a safe and secure environment for investors and visitors.
  • Modern surveillance cameras to increase the level of security all over the mall.
  • Advanced fire systems to deal quickly and immediately with any fire incident.
  • Meeting rooms equipped with the latest technologies to facilitate holding meetings and negotiations.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services available throughout the week to keep the mall clean and ready to receive visitors.
  • Customized services for people with disabilities to facilitate their experience and movement inside the mall with ease.

Providing these integrated services reflects the commitment to providing an exceptional experience for investors and visitors at A1 Corner Mall New Capital.

A1 Corner Mall New Capital’s prices and payment systems

A1 Corner Mall New Capital

Units prices in A1 Corner Mall New Capital are characterized with a unique and one of a kind feature in this area, as prices start from 980,000 EGP. This price is attractive and suitable for investors and customers looking for a unique investment opportunity.

Payment systems

The developer company in her distinctive project offered various and special payment systems, as you can install the amount up to 10 years with special discounts starting from 10% up to 30%.

The real estate developer

SV Developments Company is the responsible company for executing A1 Corner Mall New Capital project, SV Developments company is considered to be one of the most prominent companies in the real estate market. The company has a history that dates back nearly 25 years, where it was founded by Mr. Abdelhamid El Batsha. Since the beginning, the company has focused on providing quality work and choosing suitable locations for its projects.

SV Developments company has succeeded in executing many various projects, starting from villas and residential buildings to tourist villages, and this is due to its dedication in providing distinctive and high-quality real estate projects. SV Developments is considered to be one of the companies that cared to to build an excellent reputation in the market thanks to its dedication in meeting the needs of customers and providing excellent services.

A1 Corner Mall New Capital project is an ideal option to prove the company’s quality and creativity. This project reflects a great interest in distinctive architectural design and offering a variety of real estate units that meet the needs of different customers.

Most important works by the company

  • villas and residential buildings in Fifth Settlement
  • residential buildings in Beit Al Watan
  • executing tourist villages in the Red Sea

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The developer company

SV Developments Company

Project’s location

A direct view on Tourist Towers

Project’s units

Administrative, commercial, and medical

Units’ spaces

starting from 25 sqm

Sales number


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