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Mountain View Extension Compound

Mountain View Company is looking again at its customers in the New Cairo area with its long experience and wide reputation, by offering the Mountain View Extension 1 Compound, Fifth Settlement, the newest and strongest project in the company’s history, for which a vital piece of land has been allocated next to the Mountain View I-City Compound

The developer provides you with a multi-choice package that includes a variety of units and their types that address the high-end segments of society, in addition to that, the project offers the largest price discrepancy in the Fifth Settlement area, as it is one of the best New Cairo compounds to achieve this unique feature

Details about Mountain View Extension

  • .Developer: Mountain View Real Estate Development Company
  • .Compound Location: Fifth Settlement on El-Nasr Road
  • .Project Area: The compound is located on an area of 130 acres
  • .Type of units: The project includes apartments, villas, and palaces
  • .Units space: starting from 140 m
  • .Down payment: for apartments: 50,000 EGP / for villas: 100,000 EGP
  • .Units’ prices: starting from 3,850,000 EGP
  • .Instalment system: the longest installment period in Mountain View Compound is up to 7 years
  • .Delivery date: 2025
  • .Sales Number: 00201104894802

?Where’s Mountain View Extension Compound

ماونتن فيو 1 اكستنشن التجمع الخامس

As usual, the well-established Mountain View company professionally chooses vital geographical locations for its projects throughout its history. It has obtained the last piece of land on the borders of the Fifth Settlement, which is located directly next to the Mountain View Compound, in front of the Attorney General’s office

The most prominent areas next to Mountain View Extension, New Cairo

  • .It is only 3 minutes away from the Suez Road
  •  .10minutes away from the American University
  • .Close to Teseen Street, and similarly to the Ring Road
  • .In addition, it’s close to the axis of Field Marshal Tantawi
  • .It is close to the Administrative Capital and Al Rehab City

The total area of Mountain View Extension Compound

ماونتن فيو 1 اكستنشن التجمع الخامس

As one of the largest compounds in New Cairo, Mountain View Extension occupies a vast area of up to 130 acres, with the lowest construction rate including buildings and units, as the project is dominated by green color and landscape areas

The total area of the project is divided into a special area for villas and palaces, and another for apartments and I-villa units, as the division comes as follows

  •  .60acres for the independent villas area
  •  .70acres dedicated to Mountain View Extension apartments and I-Villa units

The compound enjoys eye-catching American-style architectural designs, with buildings of a luxurious engineering level, especially with the great independence it enjoys with large distances between each building to another to provide complete privacy for the residents, in addition to green spaces and natural water formations that give an impressive view of the residential units

Units Space in Mountain View Extension 1, Fifth Settlement

Mountain View Extension Compound

With the great diversity that Mountain View offers within the project to become one of the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement, in return comes a diversity of residential spaces, which can be summarized as follows

  • .Apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement, Mountain View Extension, with an area of 140 meters
  • .I villa Sky Garden, with an area starting from 240 meters
  • .I villa sky roof, with an area starting from 220 meters
  • .I villa garden space starts from 235 meters
  • .Villas for sale in Mountain View Extension, with space starting from 255 meters
  • .Mountain View mansions space starts from 670 meters

Mountain View 1 Extension Services

Mountain View Extension Compound

The Mountain Extension Compound is a luxurious residential complex that targets high-end social groups only. Therefore, the developer has provided all the residential properties, services, and entertainment components, not only that, but also presented its facilities with high quality through which it addresses high tastes, for example, we discuss the most important of them as follows

  • Multiple entertainment areas, including what has been made for children, represented in the Kids Area
  • Venues for celebrations are halls fully equipped for parties
  • .A large commercial mall that serves the project, as it includes various goods and services
  • .Nurseries and educational services in Mountain View Extension, New Cairo
  • .Artificial lakes with a pleasant view, in addition to that, there are green spaces
  • .Comprehensive medical centers, as well as various pharmacies and health clinics
  • .Club house for the villas area, and club house for the apartments area
  • .Garages covered with safety factors for residents’ cars
  • .Tracks for cycling, walking and running
  • .Internet services covering the entire project
  • .Security services with surveillance cameras
  • .Electronic gates at the entrances to the project

Advantages of Mountain View Extension Compound

  • It is considered as the best compound in the Fifth Settlement that creates this amount of residential diversity
  • .It offers units with unique designs in the American style
  • .It relies on modern technology to control homes in a modern way
  • .It contains all the basic facilities and entertainment services
  • .A unique location that achieves easy access and feasibility of real estate investment
  • .A residential complex suitable for those seeking high levels of luxury and European residential style

Disadvantages of Mountain View Extension

Some consider it a residential complex that is not suitable for all social groups, and this is what the developer originally wanted, as the project is presented to the highest classes of society. Although it offers apartments, they are also characterized by medium areas, a luxurious lifestyle, and a limited number of 198 apartments, so it was offered at relatively high prices for the budget of the regular and mid-range segments

The prices of Mountain View Extension Compound

  • ماونتن فيو اكستنشن
  • Apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement, Mountain Extension Compound, with prices starting from 3,850,000 pounds
  • .The prices of I-Villa units start from 6 million Egyptian pounds
  • .Standalone villas for sale in Mountain View Extension, with prices starting from 15,250,000 EGP
  • .A luxurious palace on a vast area of 670 meters, at a price of 45,500,000 pounds

Installments system in Mountain View Extension Compound

The developer offers an appropriate and easy installment system that provides distinct installment facilities

  • 10% down payment
  • Pay an amount of 5%, after 3 months
  • Installments up to 7 years

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company

ماونتن فيو 3 التجمع الخامس

Mountain View Real Estate Company has topped the scene since its emergence in the Egyptian market with its long years of experience, as it was distinguished from its peers since the beginning of its establishment by its high real estate quality, so it was classified as one of the best real estate companies in Egypt within a short period of time

Most important Mountain View projects

  • .Mountain View Lake Side Compound
  • .Mountain View Giza Plateau, October
  • .Mountain View I City, Fifth Settlement
  • .Mountain View 2, Fifth Settlement
  • .Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement
  • .Mountain View Park October Compound
  • .Mountain View I City October Compound
  • .Mountain View Chillout Park Compound
  • .Evia North Coast Mountain View

FAQ about Mountain View Extension New Cairo

?What are the prices of Mountain View Extension Compound

starting from 3,850,000 EGP

?What is the apartments and villas sales number


?Who is the developer company of the project

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company

?What are the units type

apartments, villas, and palaces

?Where is Mountain View Extension located

Fifth Settlement on El-Nasr Road

?What is the area of the compound

130 acres


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