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Maadi and its 5 most important landmarks And the most important compounds in it


Maadi in Cairo is one of the well-known suburbs in it. It is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River. The historic Maadi district in southern Cairo is one of the city’s richest and most expensive districts.

Embassies, offices of international organizations, and experts from other countries call it home. Some of the city’s towers are taller than the Great Pyramid. Luxury hotels such as Cairotel and Sofitel and night clubs are located along the banks of the Nile in Egypt.

In addition to many restaurants and bars, Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences and Maadi and Maadi Library are two of its most prominent buildings.


Maadi 1

Many residential compounds are located in the area, including New Maadi, Wadi Degla District, Hadayek El Maadi, El Zahraa, Maadi Sarayat, and Tora.

There are many shops and factories for the manufacture of limestone, marble and refractory stone in Maadi Gardens on Al-Nasr Street in New Maadi, Maadi Street 9 and Hassanein Desouky Street.

The “Old Maadi” neighborhood is considered one of the most prestigious and expensive residential areas in Cairo, which is the capital of Egypt. It is located in the southern part of the city on the eastern bank of the Nile River and is widely considered to be one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods.

Khedive Ismail is responsible for its development because he was the one who ordered the construction of the railway during his reign.

On the outskirts of Schuman is the world’s first solar thermal power plant, which was built there.

Advantages of living in Maadi

Advantages of living in Maadi

Maadi and its streets seem to be immersed in a strange silence, as it is not far from the center of the capital, more than ten kilometers to the south, but it still retains its splendor and privacy within the framework of those voices that called nearly a hundred years ago to establish a neighborhood.

Amidst the daily hustle and bustle associated with the streets and neighborhoods of Cairo, Maadi and its streets seem to be drowning in an amazing silence.

In order to get away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Egyptian aristocracy, which included pashas, the ruling elite, some intellectuals, as well as the English community, made this unique and distinctive residence.

Maadi neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Cairo suitable for housing, investment and tourism, and what distinguishes it most is the mixture of traditions, modern life and ancient monuments in one place. Maadi neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Cairo suitable for housing, investment and tourism.

Disadvantages of living in Maadi district

The district suffers from a number of fundamental and obvious defects, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Congestion in a number of different locations in Maadi.
  • There are not enough parking spaces.
  • Memory problems regarding street names in the neighborhood and their association with each other
  • The presence of shops, malls and gathering places contributes to the crowding that can often exist in these areas.

The most important landmarks in Maadi

  • The Supreme Constitutional Court.
  • Armed Forces Medical Complex in Maadi.
  • Wadi Degla Reserve.
  • Petrified Trees Forest Reserve.
  • Technology Zone in Maadi.
  • Maadi Island

It consists of a group of small islands connected to each other in the middle of the Nile. These islands are connected to the mainland by suspension bridges.

There is an abundance of green parks as well as artificial lakes which are home to a variety of fish species.

On the island that makes up the Maadi district, you will find restaurants serving traditional Egyptian food and juice shops, as well as establishments selling Chinese and Italian food.

There are public restrooms overlooking the beach, as well as football and tennis facilities, as well as an amusement park for children.

Natural trees and plants, as well as agricultural nurseries can be found on the island.

You can either walk across wooden suspension bridges to reach the island, or you can take a boat and water ferry to get there.

Maadi Yoga
Maadi Yoga is excellent, with classes costin 60 pounds

In addition to Vinyasa and Pranayama classes, the center offers Pranayama classes on Wednesdays and Meditation Yoga classes on Sundays

New Maadi

New Maadi

Have you ever thought where New Maadi is located?

New Maadi areas start from Lasilki Square to the highway, in addition to the bridal residences, Saqr Quraish, and the Kuwaiti company residences.

It is characterized by a large number of oil companies, the most famous of which is the Gulf of Suez Oil Company, as well as some other Ibisi companies. It also has a headquarters for artists to gather, where some movie scenes are filmed.

Also, the Arab region is considered the most popular area in Maadi, next to the Al-Basateen area. Arab Maadi is the capital of Maadi due to the availability of commercial and craft shops, various means of transportation, and its location that connects all areas of Maadi.

When talking about New Maadi, we find that the district is characterized by a very distinguished strategic location, which contributed to an additional incentive for residents to flock to it and desire to live in it, and now that you know where New Maadi is, you will certainly be keen to live in this area.

Maadi area

Maadi area

The area of the entire district is estimated to be about 253,780 square kilometers. It is important to note that Maadi is located within Helwan Governorate and is characterized by a hot climate during the summer months and warm with the possibility of rain during the winter months.

Maadi is an upscale area known for its tree-lined streets, laid-back atmosphere, and array of trendy restaurants.

Along Street 9, you will find cafes that specialize in serving organic and vegetarian food, in addition to restaurants that serve food from Europe and Egypt.

The quiet drinking spots are a favorite with international residents as they offer cocktails, live music and bar games.

Along the Nile River that runs along the Corniche, one can sail the Nile in a felucca, a traditional wooden sailing boat.

Maadi location

When looking at the location of Maadi on the map, we find that it is located in the western part of Cairo Governorate, on the western bank of the eastern bank of the Nile.

The distance to Tahrir Square is about 10 kilometers.

Four main roads provide access to the district from Cairo Governorate:

  • Autostrad Road.
  • And Nile Corniche Road.
  • And the ring road.
  • and agricultural road.

The following regions can be found along its four borders:

  • The neighborhood is located to the east of the Suez Governorate and shares some of its borders with the Eastern Desert as well as the borders of the governorate.
  • Dar al-Salam and al-Basateen are located north of the border of this district.
  • Coming from the south, Helwan neighborhood.
  • The Nile River can be found to the west

The most important areas in Maadi

Old Maadi

The oldest area, the one that was brought to our attention in the discussion that preceded it. This is because it is the starting point for the Maadi area, and it has also been separated from a number of other areas. 5,850 pounds in Egyptian currency.

New Maadi

  • From El Lasilky Square to the Autostrad area, you will find New Maadi.
  • The area known as New Maadi is simply an organic progression of the old district of Maadi.
  • Due to its privileged location, it serves as a connection point for many areas located in close proximity to it.
  • It includes the Saqr Quraysh neighborhood, in addition to the orchards and apartments belonging to the Kuwaiti company.
  • Carrefour Maadi is located in the district, which is an important factor that contributed to the increase in the price per square meter. The current expected average price per square meter is about 6,100 EGP.

Zahraa Al Maadi

Zahraa Al Maadi

It is one of the most recently developed departments in Maadi district.

It has housing above and below average, which contributes to the social diversity that characterizes the area.

It is characterized by a variety of neighborhoods that provide you with access to high-end residential units at affordable and economical prices.

The Wadi Degla Reserve and the structures of the oil companies located there have attracted great interest in the area in recent years.

Approximately 6300 EGP is equivalent to the average price paid per square meter for residential apartments in Zahraa El Maadi.

For more information, follow the best features of Zahraa El Maadi district

Sarayat Maadi

It is an old district located in one of the most famous districts of Maadi, and it is home to luxurious homes that tempt visitors from other countries to make it their home while they are in Egypt.

The neighborhood is characterized by many parks and the presence of a number of embassies from other countries. The price of the area is expected to be about 13,000 EGP per square meter on average.

Maadi Corniche

From the Constitutional Court and the Armed Forces Hospital all the way to the border with Tora, you will find the Maadi Corniche

It is home to an amazing mix of housing units ranging from average to above average to luxurious in terms of the social status of its occupants.

The district is known for its liveliness and accessibility to a wide range of transportation, in addition to the many services located there.

Approximately 8,200 Egyptian pounds is the amount that is paid per square meter on Maadi Corniche.

Sakkanat Al Maadi

One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Maadi is Maadi, which also happens to be the location with the least population density and the most vibrant social life.

There is a metro station in the area with the same name as the neighborhood; It can be found in the southern part of Cairo.

The equivalent of approximately 11,950 pounds is the amount paid for each square meter.

Maadi Autostrad

Tora is located in this region, along with the neighborhoods of Saqr Quraish and Al-Basatin.

It is characterized by a distinct diversity in the degree of residential units, which can be divided into three categories: popular, medium, and above average.

An area with suitable housing costs, with an estimated average price of 4950 EGP per square meter.

Degla Maadi

The Tigris can be traced all the way up to the area where the satellite station is located, starting at the bottom of the highway.

In addition to Wadi Degla Club, there are headquarters for a number of different petroleum institutions.

The middle class and the upper middle class have dramatically different standards of living.

The average price per square meter in the neighborhood is 9250 EGP.

For more information about the most important areas of the Maadi neighborhood here

The most important streets of Maadi district

  • Street 9
  • Street 10
  • 105th Street
  • Street 104
  • Misr Helwan Agricultural Street
  • Street 77
  • Ahmed Smart Street
  • New Club Street
  • Al Lasilki Street
  • Street 233
  • Street 200
  • Damascus Street
  • the Palestine street
  • Algeria Street
  • alnasr Street
  • Al-Nasr Street has become the most crowded and quiet street in the city, as it contains approximately 150 shops including international restaurants and cafes.

The most important services provided in Maadi district

There are many services within Maadi, which can be divided as follows:

Maadi district educational services

  • British International School.
  • Maadi Barracks Primary School.
  • Language School in Wadi Degla.
  • Al-Bashaer International School.
  • Canal Language School.
  • Victoria College.
  • Cairo American College.
  • Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences.
  • Modern Academy of Technology and Engineering.
  • Creative Child Academy
  • Paradise Kids Nursery
  • Simba Nursery

Maadi district hotel services

  • Sofitel Hotel
  • Cairotel Hotel
  • Holiday Inn
  • There are also many other luxury hotels
  • Maadi Officers Club, which includes many hotels and wedding halls

Maadi health services

  • Al Salam International Hospital.
  • Alaa Ezzat Hospital.
  • Maadi Armed Forces Hospital.
  • Al-Fateh Islamic Hospital.
  • Andalusia Maadi Hospital.
  • Cleopatra Hospital.
  • Dr. Othman Hospital.
  • Dawi Clinics.
  • My doctor’s office.
  • There is also a group of the most famous pharmacies in Egypt in the Maadi neighborhood

Maadi sports services

  • El Shorouk Club for Police Officers.
  • Maadi Armed Forces Club, in which Heaven Maadi is located.
  • Beach Club 54 Military.
  • Maadi Sports Club.
  • Teachers club.
  • Wadi Degla Club, which is considered one of the most famous clubs in the Republic, in Maadi, Wadi Degla, there are many renovations that attract visitors to it

Maadi recreational services

  • Gourmet Degla.
  • Grand Cafe.
  • Point 90.
  • Mall Hope 50.
  • Bandar Maadi.
  • Maadi Grand Mall.
  • Baron Mall.
  • Maadi City Center.
  • Maadi platform.
  • Nile Point.
  • Boomers.
  • Maadi Family Land.
  • It also includes many famous restaurants and luxury ships that hold Nile cruises and include distinctive restaurants inside

The most important hotels in the Maadi

  • Holiday Inn Maadi Hotel.
  • Maadi Pearl Hotel.
  • Maadi Apartment Hotel.
  • Tulip Inn Maadi Hotel.
  • Maadi Hotel.
  • The Pearl Maadi Corniche Hotel

Carrefour Maadi (Maadi City Center)

Journey to the heart of the city There is a huge Carrefour market in Maadi, which is one of the largest supermarkets in the world. This market sells a wide variety of products, from peanut butter to pies, washing machines, and baby clothes.

Maadi is not just a place to shop for high-end items and unique gifts; It’s also a place where you can store all of your weekly essentials, including groceries.

The staff at Carrefour Market is characterized by their dedication and constant presence to provide assistance in everything related to the goods and products sold in the market.

Carrefour Market sells amazing, high-quality products at competitive costs and with a distinctive style. j

All consumers’ budgets have been taken into consideration by Carrefour Market, which provides quality goods at cheap prices, including groceries, home appliances and tools. In addition, the marketplace offers unique deals to help you save even more money.

Carrefour Market is located on the ground floor near car parks “1” and “2” so that it is easy for you to transfer items to the car and you can enjoy Carrefour’s distinctive products

The best Maadi restaurants

The Maadi area is characterized by many restaurants, the most important of which are:

  • Jared’s Bagels
  • Kunafa & Grill
  • Lucille’s
  • VIA 82 Restaurant & Catering
  • Il Mulino
  • Kazlak
  • Shabara
  • Koshary El Ghobashy, El Ghobashy El Maadi is considered one of the best Koshary restaurants in Maadi district.
  • Sizzler
  • Lazarita

And because Maadi is characterized by many services in it, there are certainly jobs in Maadi, whether they are

  • Maadi Factory jobs, Maadi Grand Mall jobs, and many other jobs that many people looking for jobs are searching for

The best Maadi compounds

The Maadi is characterized by high-end compounds that have been designed at the highest level, and among the best Maadi neighborhood compounds are the following:

Maadi Heights Compound

Maadi Heights is one of the best compounds in Maadi. It is one of the largest residences built on an area of 12 acres. It is the largest complex in Maadi and contains 115 private villas, except that 25% represents the construction percentage within the compound.
which makes it distinct from other Maadi compounds.

The location

A short drive from Carrefour Maadi and Lebanon Square, and about a 30-minute drive from the city center, you will find this hotel on the ring road near the University of Modern Academy

  • El Baron City Maadi Compound
  • Tijan Compound, Maadi
  • Rayhana Residence Compound, Maadi
  • Jedar Compound, Maadi
  • Sun Gates Compound, Maadi
  • Nile Towers Maadi Compound
  • Maadi Valley Compound
  • Maadi compound in Maadi V
  • Grand Gate Maadi Compound
  • Rihana Plaza Compound, Maadi
  • Sandri Compound, Maadi
  • Promenade Maadi Compound
  • Grand City Maadi Compound

You can check the best Maadi compounds

Transportation in Maadi

Maadi is easily accessible from a number of major roads, including El Nasr Road, Salah Salem Road, and the Ring Road.

There are multiple lines of Uber and Careem buses that pass through Maadi, in addition to the subway, taxis (minibuses), and public transportation buses

Apartments for sale in Maadi

Apartments for sale in Old Maadi

The old Maadi apartments that are currently on the market have unique architectural designs.

Considered one of Cairo’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Old Maadi is home to a variety of high-end residential options, including villas and apartments in low-rise buildings.

Apartments for sale in Degla, Maadi

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Degla El Maadi, you will find many options in different neighborhoods that suit all classes of society, from affordable housing to luxury villas. On the other hand, the Degla Maadi neighborhood includes many tall towers and many luxurious apartments. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Degla El Maadi, you will find many options in different neighborhoods that suit all classes of society

Apartments for sale in New Maadi

In New Maadi, between El Lasilki Square and the Autostrad Road, there is a selection of apartments currently available for purchase. There are also apartments for sale in New Maadi in installments.

Apartments for sale in Saqr Quraish, Maadi

There are a large number of people looking to buy apartments in Saqr Quraish with the intention of moving to Maadi or elsewhere outside the country. It is a center for the middle class. Thus, if you are a member of the middle class, you should be able to find housing in New Maadi.

Maadi, Al-Nasr Street, apartment buildings for sale

Because Al-Nasr Street in Maadi is a commercial mall with many shops that cater to all purposes in addition to many craft shops, and because it is also a transportation hub to and from Maadi, your choice to live in apartments for sale on El Street. – Al-Nasr Street in Maadi is good. This is why you should consider making it your new home

Apartments for sale in Thakanat Maadi

Thakant Maadi can be found in the southern part of Cairo, and the area where it is located is considered one of the most elite areas of Maadi.

Thakanat Maadi is linked to the highway and the Corniche by a bridge called North Tora Bridge, which is located south of the barracks.

Thakanat El Maadi apartments for sale are located in an area known for its sparsely populated area, abundant vegetation, and calm atmosphere.

Canal Street, 9th, and 15th Streets are its major avenues

Thakenat Maadi is one of the most famous and prominent neighborhoods in all of Maadi due to it being home to a variety of lavish residences, including palaces and several luxury villas and apartment complexes

Due to the high level of development in the area as well as its safety and convenience, many individuals are looking for apartments in Maadi either for sale or for rent

The old neighborhood is a center for embassies, international bodies and foreign residents. This area is also famous for its luxurious residential towers and also enjoys famous hotels in addition to a shopping and entertainment center such as (Carrefour Maadi – Maadi City Center – Maadi Club – Shooting Club – Wadi Degla Club)

There are also a number of schools and universities in the district

Apartments for sale in Maadi compounds

There are also many compounds in Maadi, if you want to have your own space, you can also search for apartments for sale in one of the Maadi compounds, such as:

  • Apartments for sale in Maadi Heights Compound: which is located on the ring road near the modern university.
  • Apartments for sale in Tijan Compound, Maadi: which is located near the center of Maadi district.
  • Apartments for sale in Maadi Gardens Compound: which is located next to the Shooting Club in Kattameya.
  • Apartments for sale in Rayhana Residence Compound: which is the jewel of Maadi compounds.
  • Apartments for sale in Ashjar Darna Compound: which is located in a prime location on the Ring Road, next to the Shooting Club, Maadi Club, and Kattameya Gardens Club.
  • Apartments for sale in Rehana Avenue Compound: It is located in the heart of Maadi, and is located directly in front of Wadi Degla Club.
  • Apartments for sale in Mirage Park Compound: it is located near the Ring Road, Carrefour Maadi, and just minutes away from the Modern Academy and Easy Sport Club.
  • There are also apartments for rent in Zahraa El Maadi, as well as apartments for rent in New Maadi, Palestine Street, and apartments for rent in New Maadi

The average price per meter of apartments in New Maadi is 8,500 pounds

For more information about Maadi neighborhood prices, contact us here

The distance between Maadi and Heliopolis

New Maadi Real Estate
It works on marketing all apartments, shops, villas and lands for sale or rent in Maadi, Degla, New Maadi and Zahraa Maadi

There is a villa in New Maadi, in addition to a hotel in New Maadi, and apartments in New Maadi for rent.

And apartments for sale in Officers Residence, New Maadi.

There are many brokers’ offices in New Maadi

There are also many New Maadi properties, such as New Maadi buildings, and New Maadi, Saudi buildings

Maadi Corniche

Beginning with the Armed Forces Hospital and the Constitutional Court.

Maadi Corniche extends all the way to the beginning of the Tora neighborhood.

Entrance 1, Entrance 2, and Tora make up the three main entrances to Maadi Corniche

Maadi Corniche has a wide range of housing options, including luxury properties in the Othman Towers area, as well as more moderate and above-average housing options. .

On the other hand, an affluent area with excellent transit, amenities and restaurants overlooking the Nile.

The metro passes through more than one station (Thakanat El Maadi, Maadi, Hadayek El Maadi).

Maadi Towers

Maadi Towers

The height of the 18 luxury and medium residential towers in the Maadi Towers project ranges from 24 to 42 floors.

The total number of units is 1044, and the property covers an area of approximately 160,000 square meters.

125 sqm up to 405 sqm is the typical unit size, and the project has a wide range of amenities and services.
The Maadi Towers project is located in the center of Cairo on the Nile Corniche in Maadi, and it is distinguished from other high-rise towers nearby by its unique and beautiful design
It is also distinguished by its location in front of the Golden Island and near the cold waters of the Nile.
There is a lot of life in the Abraj El Maadi project due to its location next to the ring road that connects to Cairo International Airport in 30 minutes, and the nearby Al Salam International Hospital

Real estate transactions are one of the crucial decisions in an individual’s life, and with the spread of various real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate website Korastsherot offers you a selection of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market, to help you make a proper purchase decision

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