The design of The New Capital is of interest to many people, especially those intending to invest in it, as it is the future of investment in Egypt, and perhaps in the world, as it is considered one of the new cities, which are known as the fourth-generation cities, which were designed based on international engineering and architectural standards 

It is also supervised by the largest consultants and specialists in the field of building and construction, where modernity and the past were mixed in the design of the capital, and everything you want to know about the New Administrative Capital makes you sure that real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital is the future 

The importance of investing in the new administrative capital 

The New Capital receives the attention of many investors as it is one of the largest national projects in Egypt, as the New Administrative Capital was designed to meet the needs of investors, and it is also one of the largest residential projects. When looking at the New Capital from all corners, we find that it has many characteristics, the most important of which are: 

  • It enjoys an important and vital strategic location in the vicinity of Badr City, and on the Cairo-Suez Road. 
  • The capital is characterized by a large area, as it is on 170 thousand acres, which is equivalent to the size of Singapore, and four times the size of Washington state. 
  • It is of interest to many real estate developers in Egypt, and many of the largest projects have already been established in it. 
  • The new administrative capital is considered the promising future for investment in Egypt, as the total investment in the capital for the first phase ranges between 700-800 billion pounds. 
  • It will be the main headquarters for all ministries and government institutions in Egypt 
  • The new capital is considered one of the sustainable cities, especially regarding recycling waste and energy, as the roofs of buildings in the city were covered with solar energy units amounting to about 70%. 
  • For more information on the most important achievements of the New Administrative Capital, click here 

The design of The New Capital 

The design of the New Capital is compatible with international engineering standards and standards, and this is clearly evident in the general division of spaces, streets and neighborhoods, as it includes the best districts of The New Capital 

It simulates the cities of Europe, as it is inspired by the modern heritage of Europe, and was divided into three stages as follows: 

  • The first phase: on an area of 40,000 acres, and it is in the final phase of implementation. 
  • The second phase: It occupies an area of about 47 thousand acres. 
  • The third phase: This phase is the largest of the phases, as it includes 97 thousand feddans. 

Green Belt: It is located on an area of approximately 14,000 acres 

Design of the streets of the Administrative Capital: It connects all the districts of the Administrative Capital through a network of lanes for bicycles and pedestrians, which occupy about 40% of the total network of roads in the city 

The percentage of housing in the New Capital: The New Capital’s compounds include the equivalent of 1.5 million housing units, representing about 30% of the area of the New Administrative Capital 

Transportation of the Administrative Capital: It is worth noting that the New Capital City has all kinds of transportation, such as: 

  • The fast train. 
  • metro. 
  • bus 
  • taxi. 
  • All different means of moving in and out of town 

Luxury: The Administrative Capital provides many different electronic services and is connected to them through a network of information on a global level 

Investment: The New Capital was planned to be a center for money and business, so it is one of the most important and best investment opportunities in the country and worldwide, as the investments of the new administrative capital serve the Suez Canal region and the Greater Cairo region, so nearly 30% of it has been allocated to serve the financial and business sector 

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The most important landmarks in The New Capital 

The design of the New Administrative Capital included many features that characterize the capital, the most famous of which are: 

  • The Green River in the New Administrative Capital 
  • Science and Knowledge City in the New Administrative Capital 
  • The iconic tower, the new administrative capital 
  • Olympic Games City in the New Administrative Capital 
  • New Administrative Capital Airport 
  • This is in addition to the 100 most important achievements in The New Capital of Egypt 

Map of The New Capital 

The design of the new administrative capital to include: 

20 residential neighborhoods, to be built on about 51 thousand feddans, 15% of which include low-density units, 50% of medium-density units, and 35% of high-density units. 

Regarding the first phase, which has been almost completed, it includes: 

  • 8 residential neighborhoods, occupying about 1,000 acres for each neighborhood. 
  • 120 thousand housing units. 
  • 6 thousand acres of land belong to investors to establish many comprehensive urban communities. 
  • The government district was established, which occupies about 4.8 million square meters, and includes a building for the Council of Ministers, all ministries, as well as a building for the House of Representatives, and all government departments. 
  • The Diplomatic Quarter occupies about 2,500 acres, and contains all the headquarters of diplomatic missions. 
  • The financial district, which follows the government district. 
  • The Downtown area, which is one of the best areas in the capital for investment, shopping, and entertainment. 
  • The Central Business District, which extends over an area of 195 acres, and includes 20 towers, including the iconic tower, which is considered one of the tallest towers in the continent of Africa, with a height of about 385 meters 
  • In the New Capital, there is Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, which is one of the most famous landmarks in it, as it is sufficient for 17 thousand worshipers. 
  • There is also the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which is one of the largest churches in the Middle East, as it can accommodate 8,200 people. 
  • It has also considered the provision of many multiple services, as it includes a conference hall, a commercial mall in addition to a lake, in addition to its main objective, which is being a global tourist resort. 
  • The administrative capital also includes operas equipped with modern technologies, theaters, creativity centers, and many works of art. 
  • This is in addition to many mega projects within the capital, including Knowledge City, Smart Village, Convention Center, Medical City, and Exhibition Grounds. 
  • The capital also houses several international universities and schools 

The most important districts of the capital within the design of the New Capital 

The design of the New Administrative Capital includes the most important neighborhoods in it, which are classified into residential neighborhoods and commercial neighborhoods as follows: 

  • Residential neighborhoods in the new administrative capital 
  • The residential neighborhood, R1, the administrative capital 
  • The residential neighborhood R2, the administrative capital 
  • Residential neighborhood R3 – Capital Residence 
  • The residential neighborhood, R4, the administrative capital 
  • Residential neighborhood R5 – Garden City neighborhood 
  • The residential neighborhood, R6, the administrative capital 
  • Residential neighborhood R7 – Golden Square 
  • The residential neighborhood, R8, the administrative capital 
  • Investors area, the administrative capital 

Commercial and government districts within the New Capital 

  • Governmental District – Ministries District 
  • The financial and business district of the New Capital 
  • Al Sefarat District, new capital 
  • Downtown MU-19, New Capital 
  • CBD, New Capital 
  • MU-23, New Capital 
  • This is in addition to the most important 115 towers of the New Capital 

Designing the New Capital for the road and transportation network 

It is worth noting that the transportation and communication network in the New Capital is one of the most advanced networks, and this is part of what distinguishes the infrastructure of the Administrative Capital, which is characterized by being modern and at a high level of development 

The design of the transportation network in the capital is as follows: 

  • About 6.5 km has been allocated for the length of the main network of roads, with a width of about 120 meters. 
  • The construction of the Mohamed bin Zayed Bridge has been completed, with a length of about 155 meters and a width of 70 meters. It is the first bridge in the capital, as it connects the city’s west and east. 
  • Two main axes have been established in the city with the aim of connecting all vital areas to the Administrative Capital, which are the southern and northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, where the northern axis includes about 6 tunnels, while the southern one includes 3 tunnels. 
  • This is in addition to the railway station, which works to connect the new capital to all regions of the Republic. 
  • Also, within the design of the new administrative capital for transportation within the new capital, the establishment of the first electric train inside Egypt, which is the monorail train 

The best compounds in the New Capital 

The New Administrative Capital includes many compounds that are characterized by elegant design and international style, and it is one of the important residential projects that provide many distinguished community services 

Among the most important compounds included in the design of the New Capital: 

  • Vinci New Capital Compound 
  • Boardwalk New Capital Compound 
  • Entrada New Capital Compound 
  • Anakaji new capital compound 
  • Floria New Capital Compound 
  • Venia New Capital Compound 
  • Serrano New Capital Compound 
  • Atika New Capital Compound 
  • La Capitale New Capital Compound 
  • Oia New Capital Compound 
  • Park Lane New Capital Compound 
  • Capital Dream New Capital Compound 
  • Pukka New Capital Compound 
  • Rivan New Capital Compound 
  • Kardia New Capital Compound 
  • De Joya New Capital Compound 
  • De Joya 2, the new capital 
  • De Joya 3, the new capital 
  • Jnoub New Capital Compound 
  • Midtown Villa New Capital 
  • Midtown Condo New Capital 
  • Midtown Solo, the administrative capital 
  • Midtown Sky, the administrative capital 
  • Elite Park New Capital Compound 
  • IL mondo New Capital Compound 
  • Il Bosco New Capital Compound 
  • Bleu vert new capital compound 
  • Al Maqsad New Capital Compound 
  • The Loft New Capital Compound 
  • Catalan New Capital Compound 
  • Sueno New Capital Compound 
  • Golden yard New Capital Compound 
  • Armonia New Capital Compound 
  • Sky Capital New Capital Compound 
  • La Verde New Capital Compound 
  • Roses New Capital Compound 
  • Rhodes New Capital Compound 
  • Talah New Capital Compound 
  • Scene 7 New Capital Compound 
  • La Vista City New Capital Compound 
  • Scenario New Capital Compound 
  • Moraya New Capital Compound 
  • Suli Golf Residence Compound, the New Capital 
  • Yaru New Capital Compound 
  • Ri8 New Capital Compound 

Designing the New Capital for educational services 

The New Administrative Capital project is one of the largest projects that have been planned in an excellent and organized manner, as it is the largest investment edifice in Egypt, and indeed the entire Middle East 

Therefore, there are many schools and universities within the New Capital, between public schools, private schools, and international schools, among them: 

already established schools such as: 

  • Newcastle Capital Administrative School 
  • Seven Blazers International Schools 
  • New capital english schools 
  • Dr. Nermin Ismail Schools 
  • Knowledge International School in the New Capital 

It is planned to establish schools to be opened next year, such as: 

  • Sohar School, which is one of the most important international schools in The New Capital 
  • Sisters of the Heart of Jesus schools, The New Capital
  • Africa Crest Schools 
  • Armed Forces Schools Engineering Authority. 
  • Knowledge International School 
  • Al-Bayan Academy School for Education. 
  • Al-Manar House Schools. 
  • Tajan School, the new capital 
  • Cadmus schools 
  • New Capital School, the New Capital 

As for the most important universities in The New Capital, they include: 

  • British Coventry University located in The New Capital and is currently operating in the New Capital 
  • Canadian University in the new capital. 
  • The German University is in the heart of The New Capital. It is currently operating in the administrative capital 
  • American University. 
  • Misr International University. 
  • Swedish University 
  • University of Liverpool 
  • Hungarian University 

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The most important questions about the design of the New Capital 

Why to buy in the New Capital? 

Because it is the future of investment in Egypt, it is the global investment destination for Egypt, and it includes the largest investment projects, and it is an ideal place for many job opportunities, as it is a city that was designed on the latest international roads 

What are the phases of designing the New Capital? 

The first phase: extends over an area of 40,000 acres 
The second phase: occupies about 47 thousand acres 
The third phase: It is the largest and extends over an area of 97,000 acres

How to reserve a residential unit in the New Capital? 

By contacting the number: 201104894802 
Or via WhatsApp by clicking here