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Galleria Moon Valley Compound

If you are looking for upscale housing in the Fifth Settlement in the most prominent and vital geographical areas, the Arab Real Estate Company has launched the Galleria Moon Valley Compound, Fifth Settlement, directly on the Golden Square, with residential components that suit all aspirations, and most of all, you can receive your unit immediately upon booking within the project

The owner company offers you a range of multiple choices for units, whether ordinary apartments of varying sizes or penthouses of vast areas, in addition to that, there are commercial spaces for real estate investment seekers

Details about Galleria Moon Valley

  • .Developer: Arab Real Estate (Investment) Holding Company
  • .Engineering Designs: by Eng. Hani Saad
  • .Compound Location: Golden Square, on 90th Street
  • .Project Area: The compound is located on an area of 71 acres
  • .Buildings area: Buildings are built on 18% of the total area
  • .Type of units: The project includes apartments and penthouses
  • .Units space: starting from 130 m
  • .Number of buildings: There are 74 residential buildings
  • .Building design: a ground floor + 3 upper floors
  • .Units Finishing: The developer offers complete finishing
  • .Maintenance deposit: 10% of the apartment price
  • .Club fees: 100 thousand pounds
  • .Price per meter: the price per meter in Galleria Moon Valley starts from 16,250 pounds
  • .Instalments period: The longest instalments period in Galleria Residences is up to 6 years
  • .Delivery time: Units are ready for immediate delivery
  • .Cash discount: up to 30%
  • .Sales Number: 00201104894802

Galleria Moon Valley Compound’s location

جاليريا مون فالي التجمع الخامس

The location of the Galleria Residence, Fifth Settlement, is one of the best vital locations in New Cairo, on 90th Street, near several important residential complexes on a piece of land that mixed residential tranquility and geographical vitality, in addition to that it is near several axes that enable the project’s residents to reach the nearby areas within minutes

Neighboring places to the galleria residence

  • .Next to Mivida Compound, Fifth Settlement
  • .In addition, it’s next to Katameya Palm Hills Compound
  • .Galleria Moon Valley is about 5 minutes away from the Suez Road
  • .You can reach the American University within 5 minutes
  • .It is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, and likewise from the Administrative Capital
  • .Close to Hyde Park Compound, Fifth Settlement

The design of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

مدينة القاهرة الجديدة

The buildings and units of the Galleria Compound are a realistic simulation of contemporary residential life, which relies on luxurious geometric design, especially with an engineer like Hani Saad doing the designs and layouts for the buildings. Therefore, the Galleria Moon Valley project is one of the best New Cairo compounds with distinctive designs

Although the project includes a large number of buildings that reach up to 74 buildings, it has great privacy through its following design

  • .Each building in Galleria Residence Fifth Settlement consists of a ground floor and 3 floors
  • .Each floor contains a maximum of 4 to 8 apartments
  • .The buildings are distributed over 7 residential areas to achieve the necessary privacy

Engineer/ Hany Saad

He is considered one of the most important project designers and consultants in Egypt, with a long work history that speaks of his vast experience, for example, we mention the following

  • .Sun Capital Compound, 6th of October
  • .Creek Town Compound, First Settlement
  •  31North Tower, the administrative capital
  • .Bayside Ras Sidr Village
  • .Azha Ain Sokhna Resort

The total area of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

Galleria Moon Valley Compound

The project has a huge area of land of up to 71 acres, while the smallest part of it, which amounts to 18% of the original area, has been exploited for the construction of buildings, while 82% contains green spaces and water bodies

The space of New Cairo apartments within the Galleria Compound is as follows

  • Apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement, Galleria Moon Valley Compound, with an area starting from 130 meters
  • .Penthouse apartments with large spaces starting from 191 meters

The developer also offers apartments for sale in Galleria Moon Valley, Fifth Settlement, in different divisions, as some apartments include 2, 3 and 4 rooms

Galleria Moon Valley Services

Due to the completion of the development works within the Galleria Compound, the Fifth Settlement, all living services have been provided to customers, in addition to that, the developer has taken into account the recreational components and their importance to the residents of the project, and below we discuss some of the characteristics and services of the compound

  • .A mosque on a large area of the project’s land
  • .A commercial area serving the entire project
  • .A club house on an area of 5 acres, including multiple activities
  •  .swimming pools distributed throughout the project
  • .A 2 km walking track, for cycling and running
  • .A commercial mall built on an area of 7 acres, consisting of a ground floor + 2 upper floors
  • A security system that provides security services throughout the day, in addition to surveillance cameras
  • .Gym and spa with all necessary facilities and the latest equipment
  • .Internal intercom service as a form of providing smart home systems
  • .A sports club that hosts various sports activities, and a private swimming pool
  • .Landscape spaces next to water and green bodies
  • .A private garage located under each building in the project

Advantages of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

  • .The project is based on modern technological techniques
  • .A vital geographical location near the most important Fifth Settlement compounds
  • .The compound operates with solar panels for street lighting
  • .There is a network of internal roads linking residential areas to each other
  • .Distinctive engineering designs with full finishes for the units

The disadvantages of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

With the introduction of this many features within the project, which work to provide a luxurious life for the project’s residents, therefore it hardly contains defects that would affect the quality of the compound and the lives of the residents inside it

The prices of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

  • جاليريا ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس.
  • The price per meter in Galleria Moon Valley starts from 16,250 pounds
  • .Apartments for sale in Galleria Moon Valley, Fifth Settlement, with prices starting from 2,700,000 EGP
  • .Penthouse apartments in Galleria Residence, Fifth Settlement, with prices starting from 5,200,000 EGP

Installments system in Galleria Moon Valley Compound

The Arab Holding Company offers multiple installment systems as follows

  • 10% down payment
  • Installments up to 6 years

About the Arab Real Estate Holding Company

The Arab Holding Company plays a pivotal role in the field of real estate investment with its long experience of up to 30 years, as it is one of the pioneers in the field in the Egyptian market, in addition to that it works on development works outside Egypt in Dubai, Austria and others.

The most important projects of the Arab Holding

  • .Sun Capital 6 October Sun Capital 6 October
  • .Bungalows North Coast
  • .Moon Valley 2 Compound, New Cairo

FAQ about Galleria Moon Valley Compound


?What are the prices of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

apartments start from 2,700,000 EGP

?Who is the developer company of the project

Arab Real Estate Holding Company

How much does the price per meter start in Galleria Moon Valley

starting from 16,250 EGP

?Where is Galleria located

in the Golden Square

?What is the total area of Galleria Moon Valley

71 acres

?What is the apartments and villas sales number


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