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Vai Developments

Vai Developments

Vai Developments' projects are characterized by modern and innovative design, as the company works to apply the latest trends and standards in the real estate industry. Vai aims to deliver high quality in all aspects of the project, starting from planning and interior design to the materials used in construction and finishing. In addition, VAI is committed to providing integrated living and commercial environments that meet the needs of residents and ensure their comfort and well-being. The company also strives to maintain environmental balance and implement sustainable projects that preserve natural resources and protect the environment


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Vai Developments is an Egyptian real estate development company specialized in creating and developing integrated real estate projects. The company aims to achieve excellence and innovation in the field of real estate development and provide comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial, and entertainment needs.

Vai Developments works on implementing various real estate projects in Egypt, including residential projects, luxury residential units, commercial and office projects, shopping centers, and commercial complexes. The company’s projects are characterized by modern design and high quality, providing integrated living and commercial environments that meet the needs of residents and investors

Vai Developments applies high-quality standards in all aspects of the projects it implements, starting from the design of buildings and innovative interior spaces to the use of the latest technologies and building materials. The company also seeks to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly environments, integrating environmental features and promoting a balance between respecting the environment and meeting the needs of residents.

In summary, Vai Developments is a specialized company in implementing integrated real estate projects in Egypt, characterized by modern design, high quality, and a focus on sustainability. The company aims to meet the needs of residents and investors by providing integrated and sustainable living and commercial environments.

Projects by Vai Developments

4T1 Business Tower Mall New Capital

4T1 Business Tower New Capital

4T1 Business Tower Mall is a real estate project located in New Capital in Egypt. The project is characterized by its modern and unique design and is a multi-use destination that combines offices, commerce, and entertainment.

4T1 Business Tower Mall contains a range of modern and sophisticated offices that provide an ideal work environment for companies and institutions. The offices are designed to meet the needs of various businesses, characterized by advanced technology and modern equipment.

In addition to the offices, the project also includes a commercial center that houses a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Visitors can enjoy a shopping experience in international and local stores, as well as indulge in delicious meals in the various restaurants and cafes

The mall also provides entertainment facilities, including a dedicated area for activities and entertainment for children and families. The mall is characterized by providing sports facilities and areas dedicated to relaxation and entertainment.

4T1 Business Tower Mall aims to provide a modern and integrated environment for business, commerce, and entertainment, and is an ideal destination for work, shopping, and entertainment in New Capital.

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