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United Development Group (UDG), a real estate development company, is promising due to its founders’ experience in real estate investment and the massive investment they intend to undertake. The company’s focus on meeting customer needs and providing intelligent solutions to their problems, along with delivering exceptional returns for investors, can position it among the top and largest real estate companies in Egypt.

Prominent projects such as E Tower Mall, located in the New Administrative Capital, enhance its standing in the Egyptian real estate market and reflect its commitment to participating in the construction of new cities and smart urban communities.

Other companies associated with UDG, which will be mentioned later, may further strengthen its position in the real estate market in Egypt and contribute to achieving its vision and goals. The extensive experience of the company’s founders and their emphasis on innovation and creativity can make it stand out and become one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.

United Development Group company projects

E Tower New Capital

E Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital appears to be a significant project that combines classical and contemporary elements in its design. With its strategic location in the heart of the Central Business District and its proximity to the Iconic Tower, the Green River, Monorail Station, Central Axis, Sports City, and the New Capital Airport, it seems poised to become a crucial commercial and administrative center in the area.

UDG has enlisted GRID Design Company for the designs and Mahrum Bakhoum Company for supervision, indicating a focus on design and execution quality. With ownership opportunities available for everyone, starting from 30 square meters and prices starting from 25,000 Egyptian pounds, a reservation down payment of 10%, and a comfortable installment period of up to 10 years, it appears to be a great opportunity for those interested in real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital.

Other projects by United Development Group

UDG Developments’ Projects:

  • E Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Solio Mall, New Cairo.
  • Sky Condo, New Administrative Capital.
  • Town Gate, New Administrative Capital.
  • Capital Hub, New Administrative Capital.
  • Marvel City, New Administrative Capital.
  • Rock City, New Cairo.
  • Rock City, New Administrative Capital.
  • Partners of UDG Developments

Partners of UDG Developments

UDG Developments has collaborated with GRID Design Company and Mahrum Bakhoum Company for design and supervision, while Infragen for Development and Project Management played a significant role in the success of the E Tower Mall project in the New Administrative Capital. These partnerships have provided technical expertise, specialized consultancy, and high-level execution, which helped increase customer confidence in the company and achieve successful sales of 200 million Egyptian pounds within just two weeks of project launch.

The sustainability of these partnerships and ongoing collaboration contributes to improving the quality of projects and their professional and efficient execution, thereby enhancing the position of UDG Developments in the real estate market and attracting investors and customers. Strong and sustainable partnerships are a crucial factor in the success of any real estate project, fostering trust and sustainability in the real estate market.

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