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Skyway Developments


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Skyway Developments is one of the leading companies in the real estate market. It was founded by the Egyptian businessman Hassani Al-Saeidi in 1998. The company aims to deliver high-quality real estate projects and achieve the highest return on investment for its clients. Skyway Development works towards providing a suitable working environment for its employees.

The company has collaborated with several international companies, including Siemens from Germany, and has executed projects in various areas in Egypt, such as New Cairo, 6th of October City, 10th of Ramadan, and El Shorouk. The total investment in the company has reached around 700 million Egyptian pounds. Skyway Developments plans to present administrative tower projects in New Capital in the future.

The cooperation of Skyway Developments with international companies and the execution of real estate projects in diverse areas in Egypt reflect its strategic vision and commitment to providing high-quality projects and meeting the needs of clients in the Egyptian real estate market.

Projects by Skyway Developments

Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital

 Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital by Skyway Developments
 Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital

Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital is a project by Skyway Developments and is distinguished by its unique location in the tower area at the entrance of Downtown. The mall consists of 3 basements, a ground floor, and 14 upper floors, with a height of 63 meters. It offers commercial, administrative, and medical units with different sizes starting from 37 square meters, along with flexible installment plans.

The price per square meter for the units offered for sale starts from 24,000 Egyptian pounds, with maintenance fees amounting to 10% of the unit’s value. Commercial units are handed over in semi-finished condition, while administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished. Skyway Developments provides flexible installment plans that start with a 10% down payment and extend over 10 years.

The reservation deposit for purchasing units within Mall Bayadega Tower New Capital starts from 50,000 Egyptian pounds for commercial units and 20,000 Egyptian pounds for administrative and medical units. The units are scheduled for delivery in 2025, with administrative and medical units featuring full finishing.

Partners of Skyway Developments

Skyway Developments relies on strategic partnerships to achieve its goals and develop its projects in a distinctive manner. One of these partnerships is with the UAE-based Expert Creativity Company, which has a successful track record in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. This partnership enhances the exchange of experiences and expertise between the two companies, contributing to the improvement of the quality and design of real estate projects.

Skyway Developments also benefits from the expertise of Engineer Mohamed Talaat, who serves as a consultant for several major government and real estate projects in Egypt, including the New Administrative Capital, the Government District, the Iconic Tower, the Alamein Towers, and the Mosque of Egypt. Skyway Development has leveraged his experience and consultations in designing and executing its projects, thereby achieving the highest standards of quality and sustainability in its real estate ventures.

These partnerships and collaborations reflect Skyway Developments’ commitment to achieving excellence and innovation in its projects, enhancing its ability to deliver distinguished real estate projects that meet the needs and aspirations of its clients and contribute to the development of the real estate sector in Egypt.

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