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Saudi Egyptian Development

Saudi Egyptian Development (SED)


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Saudi Egyptian Development Company (SED) was founded in 1975 and quickly became one of the largest contracting and real estate companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. SED has achieved great success in the market by committing to deliver units on time, providing innovative designs, and using high-quality materials in construction.

The company has an excellent reputation and enjoys the trust of investors due to the additional services it provides to property owners and its commitment to the highest quality standards.

Saudi Egyptian Development Company (SED) has delivered thousands of successful residential, commercial, and office units and has presented a significant number of successful real estate projects.

SED is characterized by innovation, quality, and reliability, and has achieved a high sales rate and gained a large customer base.

Saudi Egyptian Development Company (SED) continues to develop new projects and achieve continuous success in the real estate industry, remaining a pioneer in the Egyptian and Saudi markets by enhancing its position as a reliable and innovative company in the real estate sector.

Previous works by Saudi Egyptian Development 

Jayd New Cairo

Saudi Egyptian Development

Jayd Compound 5th Settlement is one of the projects of Saudi Egyptian Development Company in the 5th Settlement in Cairo. The compound is distinguished by its prime location in the 5th Settlement in front of Al-Rehab, and covers a total area of 68 acres. The compound offers residential units with different sizes starting from 120 square meters.

The units feature modern designs and high-quality finishes, offered at suitable prices starting from 4,393,000 Egyptian pounds. The company provides flexible installment systems starting with a 10% down payment, with the possibility of installment over 8 years.

Jayd Compound offers various services and facilities, such as entertainment areas, green spaces, commercial areas, and security facilities. In addition, the compound provides flexible installment systems that make it an ideal choice for customers looking for comfortable housing and future investment in 5th Settlement.

The Latin District New Alamein

The Latin District New Alamein

The Latin District New Alamein is one of the prominent projects of the Saudi Egyptian Development Company in the New Alamein area. The compound enjoys a strategic location on the international coastal road, providing easy access and transportation for residents.

The Latin District extends over an area of 650 acres and includes 249 diverse residential buildings. Residential units are available in sizes starting from 62 square meters, providing various options for customers. Prices for units start from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds, and a 5-year installment system is available with a 5% down payment. It is expected that the units will be delivered in 2023.

The Latin District is characterized by providing many services and facilities that meet the needs of residents, including green spaces, entertainment areas, and sports facilities. The project is being carried out according to high-quality standards and modern designs, making it an ideal choice for upscale living and investment in New Alamein.

SED is distinguished by its innovative designs and high-quality execution in various real estate projects, whether residential, commercial, or touristic. The company pays great attention to meeting the needs of customers and providing integrated services that ensure their satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

Thanks to its artistic and technical skills, qualified and specialized team, and commitment to ethical and environmental standards, SED has succeeded in building a strong reputation and gaining the trust of customers and investors.

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