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Prime Developments is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, having achieved numerous accomplishments over the past 15 years. The company combines important success factors such as prime and strategic project locations, quality designs and constructions, competitive prices, and a commitment to timely delivery.

Prime Developments has benefited from the experience of its highly skilled workforce, as well as the insightful leadership of its Chairman, Engineer Nathan Yaacoub. The company has successfully captured a significant share of the real estate market in Egypt, thanks to its strong track record and close relationships with loyal customers and ambitious investors.

Previous real estate projects by Prime in areas like Hurghada and the Red Sea comprise over 25 residential, commercial, administrative, and hotel projects. These projects are characterized by high quality and attention to detail, reflecting the customers’ trust in the company and its sustained success.

Prime Developments is strengthening its presence in the Egyptian real estate market by entering with vigor into projects in the New Administrative Capital. This is attributed to its extensive experience and commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and services to its customers and partners in success.

Projects by Prime Developments

Mid Tower New Capital

Prime Developments
Prime Developments

Mid Tower New Capital project appears promising due to its strategic location in the heart of Downtown and its proximity to key landmarks of the capital. Its modern and eye-catching design with glass facades adds attractiveness and aesthetic appeal. The project’s diverse range of commercial and administrative activities makes it a versatile choice for various clients and investors.

With suitable pricing and flexible installment plans, Mid Tower New Capital project can be a good real estate investment opportunity. The possibility of acquiring small administrative or commercial units starting from 29 square meters could be attractive for startups and emerging companies.

It seems that Prime Developments is committed to delivering real estate projects that feature prime locations, modern design, and quality. They also provide flexible financing options for clients and investors. Their previous records in Hurghada and Red Sea area could be an indicator of their competence in executing successful real estate projects.

Projects by Prime Developments

Prime Developments has several other real estate projects in Egypt, including:

  1. Prime Coastal Plaza – Hurghada: This coastal project is located in Hurghada’s Qusair area, featuring residential, commercial, and hotel units along the Red Sea coast, along with entertainment areas and integrated services.
  2. Prime Capital – New Capital: This is one of Prime Real Estate’s latest projects, boasting a strategic location in the New Administrative Capital. It includes residential, commercial, and administrative units with modern design and integrated services.
  3. Prime Plaza – New Capital: This project is an integrated complex that comprises offices, administrative, and commercial units in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It stands out with its unique, modern design and contemporary services.
  4. Prime Town Cairo – Fifth Settlement: Located in Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, this project offers luxurious residential units with distinctive architectural design, along with high-quality facilities and services.

These are some of the other real estate projects that Prime Developments Company has executed in Egypt. These projects are characterized by their modern designs, high quality, and strategic locations, providing opportunities for real estate investment and luxurious living in distinctive areas.

Partners of Prime Developments

No problem at all. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there is no information available about any collaboration between Prime Developments and “Memar” in Harmonet Tower project in New Capital. I recommend checking the official sources of Prime Real Estate or directly contacting them for accurate information about their collaborations and current and future projects.

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