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Nakheel Developments


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Nakheel Developments Company specializes in developing residential, commercial, and hotel projects in strategic locations in Egypt. Its project portfolio includes a diverse range of major projects in different areas such as New Cairo, Ain Sokhna, and North Coast. Al Nakhil Company is distinguished by its focus on excellence and quality in all aspects of real estate work, from project design and implementation to providing excellent after-sales service to customers. The company uses the latest technologies and materials in building its projects and is committed to providing an integrated living and working environment that meets the needs and aspirations of its customers.

More information about Nakheel Developments

Nakheel Developments is a well-known global real estate company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2001 and is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate development industry in the region.

Nakheel Developments is famous for designing and building stunning real estate projects and unique architectural landmarks that add beauty to urban landscapes. Its main projects include the Palm Islands, which are artificial islands designed in the shape of a palm tree consisting of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira. These islands are among the top tourist attractions in Dubai and offer a wide range of luxurious homes, hotels, resorts, and entertainment facilities.

In addition to the Palm Islands, Nakheel Developments  has executed many other real estate projects in Dubai, including the Jumeirah Park project, the Arabian Ranches project, the Deira Waterfront project, the Palm Jebel Ali Waterfront project, and others.

Nakheel Developments is known for its innovation and quality in designing and executing its projects, and strives to achieve its vision of developing exceptional and sustainable living environments. The company is one of the leading companies in the real estate development sector and plays an important role in shaping and improving properties and communities in Dubai and the surrounding region.

Projects by Nakheel Developments

Trio v Tower New Capital

Nakheel Developments

Trio V Tower Mall is a commercial mall project located in New Capital in Egypt. This project aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated shopping experience for residents and visitors in the region.

Trio V Tower Mall is characterized by its central location in New Capital and offers a wide range of stores and commercial shops for well-known global and local brands. In addition, the mall contains restaurants, cafes and food courts that offer a variety of food and cuisine to meet different tastes.

The mall spaces are designed in a modern way, according to the highest standards of interior design, providing a comfortable and attractive environment for visitors. The project also includes areas for entertainment and leisure, such as cinemas, game centers, and other entertainment activities, to provide a fun experience for families and visitors.

Trio V Tower Mall aims to be a comprehensive shopping and entertainment destination in the New Administrative Capital, providing a unique and distinctive experience for visitors through the diversity of stores, restaurants, and entertainment activities available. This project is an important addition to the region and contributes to its development and improving the quality of life in it.

Double Two Towers New Capital

Double Two Towers New Capital

Double Two Towers project in the New Administrative Capital is an invaluable investment opportunity. The project is characterized by its strategic location in the Central Business District (CBD) and includes a diverse range of commercial, administrative, and hotel units.

By investing in a commercial unit in Double Two Towers, you can benefit from spaces starting at 30 square meters at competitive prices of EGP 115,000 per square meter. Administrative business units start at 35 square meters with prices starting at EGP 36,000 per square meter. Hotel units are offered in spaces starting from 50 square meters with a price per meter starting at EGP 38,000 and a total price starting at EGP 2,222,500.

The distinctive feature of this project is the flexible payment options, where you can pay only a 5% down payment and finance the remaining amount over a period of 12 years with no interest. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from the project’s financial return and achieve long-term financial stability.

In summary, Double Two Towers in New Capital is an ideal investment opportunity to achieve excellent financial returns. With flexible payment options and diverse units, you can choose the unit that suits your needs and achieve the investment success you aspire to.

Projects by Nakheel Developments

  • The Mehairi Complex in the UAE.
  • The Mansouri Complex in the UAE.
  • The Mishghooni Complex in the UAE.
  • The Zaabi Complex in the UAE.
  • The Marzouki Complex in the UAE.

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