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Merath Developments


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Merath Developments Company is a Saudi Arabian real estate company established in 2017. It specializes in real estate development and investment, aiming to achieve growth and prosperity in the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Merath Developments stands out for providing innovative and luxurious real estate projects in various cities and regions of Saudi Arabia. It relies on continuous innovation and development, modern designs in its projects, and places great emphasis on details and quality in the execution of its real estate ventures. Mirath Real Estate is committed to offering the best services and facilities to its clients.

One of its notable projects is “Rawdat Al Merath,” located in Jeddah. This project comprises a collection of luxurious residential villas and beautiful green spaces. Additionally, “Al Qamaria Rivera,” located in Riyadh, consists of distinctive residential units with modern designs and integrated facilities. The company is also working on several other projects in various cities and regions across Saudi Arabia

Projects by Merath Developments

Ladera 6 October 

Ladera 6 October by Merath Developments

Ladera 6th October project is a residential and commercial development located in 6th October City, Egypt. The project boasts a strategic location, providing easy access to various vital areas in Greater Cairo. It is just minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor, which connects 6th October City to the city center of Cairo.

Ladera 6th October project offers a diverse range of residential units, ranging from small apartments to luxurious villas. Additionally, it includes a variety of recreational and service facilities, such as swimming pools, health clubs, commercial areas, restaurants, and cafes. The project’s modern and luxurious design creates a comfortable and distinctive environment for its residents.

The main goal of Ladera 6th October project is to provide a vibrant and harmonious community that combines modern living with picturesque nature, all while maintaining high standards of quality, comfort, and safety. The project has been developed by “SODIC,” one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt.

Projects by Merath Developments

  1. Ritaj – Fifth Settlement
  2. Eco Dew – Fifth Settlement
  3. The Capital Way – Fifth Settlement
  4. Village Gardens – Fifth Settlement
  5. Campus Hills – 6th of October City
  6. Compound Venecia – Fifth Settlement
  7. Park View – Fifth Settlement
  8. Louisiana Beach – Ain Sokhna
  9. Zayed Residence – Sheikh Zayed City
  10. Beit Al-Watan – Fifth Settlement

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