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Marota Real Estate Developments


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Marota Developments is indeed one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, known for its long history of experience and commitment to providing high-quality real estate units characterized by luxury and sophistication.

The company strives to combine modern expertise and scientific qualifications to meet the desires of its clients and aims to become a leader in the real estate sector in Egypt. Marota Developments places great emphasis on utilizing modern and advanced scientific methods in construction, and works towards providing residential units at affordable prices for everyone, along with the lowest reservation deposit and longest repayment period. This approach has garnered appreciation and positioned the company as one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.

Furthermore, Marota Developments adopts a modern architectural vision that caters to the needs of the current era. It contributes to the architectural development in Egypt, keeping up with the current trends in the real estate market and meeting the aspirations of its customers.

Marota Developments Company Projects

Marota mall new capital

marota mall by marota developments

Marota Mall New Capital, a project by Marota Developments, is a promising and distinctive development in the Downtown area, adopting the latest global methods and designs. The mall consists of a ground floor and 5 upper floors, with a building ratio ranging from 30% to 35% on each floor. The unit sizes in the mall start from 35 square meters on the ground floor and 48 square meters on the upper floors.

Marota Developments offers competitive prices for the units available for sale, with a starting price per square meter of 55,000 Egyptian pounds in Marota Mall New Capital. The company provides a convenient and distinguished installment system that extends up to 10 years, allowing customers to make suitable and facilitated payments. The units are delivered in a semi-finished condition, enabling customers to choose their preferred interior decor. Additionally, all facilities and services are provided to ensure the comfort and well-being of customers.

Marota Mall New Capital represents an excellent investment opportunity in the Egyptian real estate market, offering luxurious commercial units with diverse sizes and competitive prices. Moreover, the project provides convenient installment options and a semi-finished system, making it an attractive choice for investors and customers alike.

Partners of Marota Developments

Marota Developments is based on a successful partnership between Egyptian and Syrian investors, involving Egyptian businessman Tarek Khalil and Syrian businessman Ayman Al Ghafir. Tarek Khalil has extensive experience in real estate development in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, specializing in the sale and construction of commercial centers. Ayman Al Ghafir is one of the leading investors in the Syrian real estate market.

This partnership has resulted in numerous successful projects, including Marota Mall New Capital, which stands as a distinctive landmark in the Downtown area of the New Administrative Capital. The outcome of this partnership is the provision of high-quality and sophisticated real estate projects that meet the customers’ needs and adhere to global design standards, in addition to offering financing services and convenient installment plans for customers.

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