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I Capital Real Estate Developments


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I Capital Development is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt. Established in 2006 as an Egyptian joint-stock company, it is part of the Jidar Real Estate Group. The company aims to participate in the construction of the New Administrative Capital and collaborate with major real estate institutions.

I Capital Development stands out for its high quality in project execution. It carefully selects strategic locations for its developments, aiming to provide a distinctive residential experience for its clients. The company strives to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering a high level of quality in designs and finishes, as well as providing all comforts and luxuries in its projects.

I Capital Development is committed to introducing a new concept in the Egyptian real estate market, focusing on quality and luxury in its projects while enhancing the exceptional residential experience for its clients.

I Capital Developments Company Projects

Cloud 8 New Capital

cloud 8 by i capital developments

After the successful completion and sale of its previous project, I Capital Development launched its new project, “Cloud 8 New Capital.” In response to its clients’ demands, the company strategically located the project in the Downtown area, across from Cloud 7, and named the connecting street between them as I Capital Street. The mall is situated on another main road with a width of 70 meters.

I Capital Development collaborated with top engineering design firms to execute the Cloud 8 Mall project. The design stands out as modern and unique compared to other towers in the New Administrative Capital. The mall includes a variety of commercial, medical, and administrative activities, with smart spaces that cater to all needs. The prices are in line with the mall’s capabilities and the expertise of the executing company, with a starting price of EGP 21,800 per square meter in Cloud 8 Mall, New Administrative Capital.

I Capital Development has introduced flexible reservation and installment systems to attract more investors to its projects in the New Administrative Capital. The company offers units in Cloud 8 Mall, New Administrative Capital, with a reservation down payment of 6% and a repayment period of up to 10 years.

Other projects by I Capital Developments

Other projects of I Capital Development:

  • Galeria Moon Valley Compound.
  • Galeria Moon Valley New Administrative Capital.
  • Zizinia Exclusive Residence Compound.
  • Zizinia Garden View Compound.
  • Zizinia Mall New Administrative Capital.
  • Cloud 7 Mall New Administrative Capital.
  • Cloud 8 Mall New Administrative Capital.
  • Lavida Resort North Coast Project.
  • Oia Ain Sokhna Project.

Partners of I Capital Development

It appears that I Capital Development has formed successful partnerships with several local and international entities in the real estate industry. Some notable partnerships include:

  • Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces: I Capital Development has partnered with the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces to execute certain real estate projects in Egypt.
  • Arab Contractors Company: I Capital Development has entered into a partnership with Arab Contractors, a leading construction company in Egypt, to carry out some of its real estate projects.
  • CFM (Construction & Financial Management): I Capital Development has partnered with CFM, a subsidiary of Orascom Holding Group, a company specializing in project management supervision, to handle certain technical and training aspects of its projects.

These partnerships have helped I Capital Development successfully execute its real estate projects and achieve successes in the real estate market.

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