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Egyptian Developers Company

Egyptian Developers Company


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Egyptian Developers Company is considered a leading company in the field of real estate development in Egypt. It possesses extensive experience in the industry and aims to meet the needs of its customers with integrated projects. The company has distinguished itself by conducting field market studies and selecting the best locations for its projects, along with unparalleled designs compared to other real estate development companies.

Additionally, Egyptian Developers Company offer competitive prices for purchasing their projects and provide various reservation and installment systems with significant facilitations. This helps customers take advantage of real estate investment opportunities. The company has also adopted innovative and unique ideas, making it stand out in the real estate market and attracting the attention of both investors and buyers.

Moreover, Egyptian Developers Company owns a diverse range of lands in multiple locations across Egypt, enabling them to carry out significant expansion plans and develop new projects that cater to the real estate market’s needs and contribute to the country’s economic and urban development.

In summary, Egyptian Developers Company is a leading company in the field of real estate development in Egypt. It seeks to provide the highest value to its customers through integrated projects, strategic site selection, adoption of innovative and unique ideas, and the provision of financing systems.

Projects by Egyptian Developers Company

Jaya Business Complex New Capital

Jaya Business Complex New Capital by Egyptian Developers Company

Mall Jaya Business Complex has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of both investors and visitors alike. It stands out with its prime location in the New Administrative Capital and its use of cutting-edge technology in its design and facilities. The complex includes a variety of commercial and administrative units covering an area of 6000 square meters, offering diverse investment opportunities.

Egyptian Developers Company offer enticing deals for reserving units in Mall Jaya, with prices starting from 468,000 Egyptian pounds. Special discounts are available for the launch period and cash payments. The company also provides flexible reservation systems starting from just 10% down payment and installment plans of up to 13 years with no interest, making the purchasing process easier. The units are expected to be delivered in 2024.

By choosing Mall Jaya Business Complex in New Capital, investors can benefit from its prime location and numerous investment opportunities. The flexible reservation and installment systems, along with competitive prices, make it an attractive option for those seeking investment opportunities in the real estate market in Egypt.

The previous projects of Egyptian Developers Company include:

  1. Zayed Complex.
  2. Zayed Dunes.
  3. Zayed Regency.
  4. Zayed Medical Complex.
  5. Projects in 6th of October City, Ain Sokhna, North Coast, and I-Villa New Cairo.

Partners of Egyptian Developers Company

Partnerships with specialized companies and relying on experienced firms for project execution and management have been key factors contributing to the success of Egyptian Developers. The company collaborated with the renowned architectural firm Archrete, which helped in designing and constructing innovative and modern real estate projects. Additionally, they enlisted the expertise of the engineering consultant Waleed Abdel Ghaffar, who has a strong track record in the Arab world, leveraging his experience and skills in project implementation.

These partnerships and collaborations with specialized firms help enhance the professionalism and quality of the company’s projects, enabling them to execute high-quality real estate ventures with unique and innovative architectural designs. They also benefit from the expertise and capabilities of these well-known companies in achieving the company’s vision and objectives in real estate development. This helps the company improve its reputation and strengthen its position in the real estate development market, while meeting the needs of clients and investors with innovative and reliable projects.

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