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EFS MISR Company


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EFS MISR is one of the significant establishments that provide a unique service in property management and facility control for various types of properties, including residential, commercial, administrative, and medical buildings. The company’s role is to create a successful and investment-friendly environment through practical and fundamental steps. EFS MISR’s activities go beyond a specific property type due to its diverse responsibilities in managing properties.
EFS MISR emerged in the real estate scene several years ago. It is a subsidiary of the Emirati EFS Group, which has a history dating back 20 years. EFS Facilities Services has been awarded the title of Company of the Year five times, spanning between 2006 and 2014.

In September 2020, the company entered into a joint agreement with Cleopatra Hospitals Group, aiming to enhance healthcare quality and services. EFS MISR is committed to providing diverse services in various fields, including:

  1. Residential projects.
  2. Commercial and administrative projects.
  3. Healthcare and medical projects.
  4. Oil and gas projects.
  5. Educational projects.
  6. Banking services.

Board Members of EFS MISR Company

EFS MISR Company
  • Executive Director of the Company: Rami Mansour.
  • Commercial Director: Engineer Hesham Salah.
  • Chief Operations Officer: Engineer Tamer Fahmy.
  • Financial Controller: Tamer Waseem.
  • Head of Human Resources: Tarek Maher.

The most important projects by EFS MISR


EFS MISR company holds a long list of successful past projects, including the following:

  • Capital Diamond Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital.
  • The Loft Compound in the Administrative Capital.
  • Zia Mall in the Administrative Capital.

They also manage and operate several large institutions, such as:

  • EgyMachin for Manufacturing Production Lines.
  • Al-Rawad Import and Export Company.
  • Landmark Furniture Company in Damietta.
  • Members of the New Cairo Developers Association.
  • Sama Al-Safwa Contracting Company in Saudi Arabia.
  • MBG Company.
  • Roland Formate Company.
  • Gama Pharma Company.
  • Al-Sherifain Import and Export Company.
  • Al-Sherifain Medical Care Company in Saudi Arabia.

EFS MISR is classified as one of the best project management companies in Egypt, owing to its long years of dedication in various specialized fields.

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