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Dubai Developments is a leading real estate company founded by its owner, Abdul Fattah El Mar, in 1997. Abdul Fattah El Mar is considered one of the most prominent investors in Damietta Governorate, Egypt, where he has successfully delivered over 150 projects in Ras El Bar and Damietta. Recently, he ventured into investments in the Egyptian Administrative Capital through various projects.

Dubai Developments has extensive experience in real estate development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company owns several large residential projects that have exceeded 6,000 housing units. The company aims to provide urban and residential communities with the highest level of elegance and luxury, meeting the housing needs of its customers.

It should be noted that the details related to Dubai Developments’ projects and operations may change over time, and it is always preferable to verify the most up-to-date information from an official source of the company.

Projects by Dubai Developments

Capital Dubai Mall New Capital

Capital Dubai Mall New Capital by Dubai Developments
Capital Dubai Mall New Capital

Capital Dubai Mall in the New Administrative Capital is a fantastic project developed by Dubai Developments. The project boasts a prime location in the seventh district, R7, and features elegant and world-class designs. The total area of the mall is 13,000 square meters, consisting of 400 units, with unit sizes starting from 26 square meters.

A distinctive pricing plan has been set for Capital Dubai Mall, with a starting price of 38,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, along with the availability of a convenient reservation and installment system. Buyers can pay a 10% down payment and spread the remaining amount over 8 years. The units are expected to be delivered in 2024, and the project offers all the services and facilities that investors and visitors require.

Capital Dubai Mall represents a unique investment opportunity in the New Administrative Capital, providing investors with the chance to enjoy comfortable and sophisticated residential units in a prime location. It is poised to become an ideal shopping and entertainment destination for both visitors and residents in the area.

Other projects by Dubai Developments

  • Creating more than 140 residential buildings in the northern and southern provinces.
  • Establishing Al Murooj Dubai Commercial Complex in Dubai.
  • Constructing Metha Plaza Complex.
  • Building Plow Tower in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Establishing Al-Hissah Tower in Sharjah.
  • Creating Hamsa Building and Latifa Tower.

Partners of Dubai Developments

Indeed, Dubai Developments believes in the importance of successful partnerships as a means to enhance its activities and expand its operations. The partnership with Dora Real Estate Development is one of the important collaborations that have already been established.

Dora Real Estate Development is one of the prestigious real estate companies in Egypt, with over 79 years of experience in the real estate development field and the successful implementation of numerous projects within Egypt. Dubai Developments’ collaboration with Dora Real Estate Development reflects its commitment to expanding its activities in the Middle East region and exchanging expertise and knowledge in the real estate development domain.

Through this partnership, Dubai Developments and Dora Real Estate Development can benefit from their mutual experiences and collaborate in implementing successful real estate projects in Egypt and the region. This strengthens the position of both companies in the real estate market and enhances their capabilities in meeting the needs of customers and achieving shared aspirations.

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