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Dolmen Developments is a real estate development company based in Lebanon. The company was established to meet the needs of the real estate market and to develop various projects on a global level.

Dolmen Developments specializes in the development and management of a diverse range of real estate projects, including commercial buildings, shopping centers, residential complexes, and hotel resorts. The company aims to provide high-quality projects that meet the needs of its customers and enhance urban environments.

Dolmen Developments is known for its focus on quality and innovation in every aspect of its work. The company works with specialized teams of engineers, designers, and real estate professionals to ensure the implementation of its projects with the highest standards of quality and modern design.

Dolmen Developments is famous for executing unique and distinctive projects in different regions of Lebanon. The company pays special attention to design and finishing details to provide prestigious and comfortable living and commercial environments.

Dolmen Developments is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Lebanon and always strives to achieve innovation and excellence in its projects, while meeting the aspirations of its customers.

Projects by Dolmen Developments

The Pier Mall

 The Pier Mall by Dolmen Developments

The Pier Mall is a commercial center located in New Capital in Egypt. The mall is a complete shopping and entertainment destination that meets the needs of local residents and tourists.

The Pier Mall is distinguished by its unique location on the shores of an industrial lake, creating a distinctive atmosphere and attractive natural landscapes. The mall offers a wide range of stores for clothing, shoes, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and household items.

The Pier Mall has multiple commercial spaces that include large, medium, and small stores, as well as restaurants, cafes, cinemas, children’s entertainment centers, and fitness centers. The mall aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience for visitors and create an atmosphere of luxury and entertainment.

The interior and exterior spaces of the mall are designed in a modern and comfortable style, taking into account the aesthetic aspects and practical experience of visitors. The mall provides visitor comfort services such as parking lots, advanced security systems, health facilities, and other comfort means.

Thanks to its diverse range of stores and entertainment facilities, The Pier Mall is a distinctive shopping and entertainment destination in the New Administrative Capital, allowing visitors to enjoy a varied and enjoyable shopping experience in a modern and comfortable environment.

Other projects by Dolmen Developments

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