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Arabco Developments Company

Arabco Developments Company was founded in Dubai in 1993 and has achieved great success in the real estate sector thanks to its experience spanning over 28 years. The company expanded to Egypt and has executed more than 50 projects in New Cairo City. Its strategy focuses on meeting customer needs and keeping up with global developments.


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Arabco Developments Company was established in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 1993. Since then, the company has succeeded in building its reputation and position in the real estate industry.

With over 28 years of experience and numerous large residential and commercial projects, Arabco Developments Company has gained a significant customer base and has been able to leverage global developments in this field.

The company’s efforts have extended beyond the borders of Dubai, expanding its operations to the lands of Egypt, where it rapidly made a strong impact on the Egyptian real estate market. Arabco Developments Company possesses extensive expertise in real estate and is constantly striving to meet customer needs to the highest standards.

The company’s strategy places a significant focus on Egyptian lands, aiming to make significant progress in meeting customer requirements. The company has strongly directed its efforts towards New Cairo City, where it has executed over 50 projects.

In summary, Arabco Developments Company has succeeded in building its reputation and achieving excellence in the real estate industry in both the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. It continually seeks to keep pace with global developments and meet its customers’ needs with the highest quality standards.

Projects by Arabco Developments Company

Cattleya New Cairo Compound

Cattleya New Cairo Compound by Arabco Developments Company

Arabco Developments Company has launched its new project called Cattleya New Cairo Compound with the aim of providing investment opportunities and creating a distinctive community at affordable prices. The project aims to offer an upscale residential community with luxurious amenities at reasonable prices.

The luxurious classic design reflects elegance and beauty, and it includes green spaces and services such as swimming pools and security. Prices for the units start at 45,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter. The company offers a flexible installment system with a repayment period of up to 8 years and the delivery of units within 3 and a half years. The company has a successful track record in the real estate sector and extensive experience in various projects in Egypt and Dubai.

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