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Amazon Holding Developments is a leading real estate development company founded in 2000 in the United Arab Emirates. It operates in the Middle East and North Africa region, specializing in the development of towers and skyscrapers. The company has successfully delivered over 190 projects in various sectors including commercial, residential, and administrative properties in the UAE.

Amazon Holding Developments is known for the quality of its projects and its contribution to real estate development in the region. The company stands out for its strong management and professional organizational structure, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Engineer Hossam Abu Saud, the Head of the Commercial Sector, Engineer Mohamed Amer, the CEO, Engineer Mahmoud Al-Ghareeb, and the Board Member, Engineer Abdullah bin Said Al-Afeef. These robust management structures reflect Amazon Holding Developments’ commitment to achieving excellence and quality in executing its real estate projects.

Projects by Amazon Holding Developments

Capital Diamond Tower New Capital

Capital Diamond Tower New Capital by Amazon Holding Developments

Capital Diamond Tower Mall project in New Capital is one of Amazon Holding’s projects, known for its strategic location in the Central Business District near the Iconic Tower and the Green River. The mall consists of 5 underground floors and 45 upper floors, offering a mix of administrative, commercial, and hotel units.

The spaces in the Capital Diamond Tower Mall are designed to cater to various needs, starting from 30 square meters. The prices are competitive and attractive, with square meter prices starting from 35,000 Egyptian pounds. The company offers an easy and convenient installment program, including a 10% down payment and the remaining amount can be paid over 10 years. Units can be received either in semi-finished or fully finished conditions. The mall provides all necessary services, facilities, and conveniences for customers.

With these unique spaces, competitive prices, and flexible installment program, Amazon Holding is considered a leading company in the real estate development field. The company aims to deliver distinctive offers and high quality to its customers in its various projects.

Other projects by Amazon Holding Developments

Amazon Holding Developments is a global real estate development company specialized in major real estate projects worldwide. Some of Amazon Holding’s real estate projects include:

  1. Stadium Park City in California, USA.
  2. Dubai World Central Creative Industries project in Dubai, UAE.
  3. Marina Wave project in Dubai, UAE.
  4. Galleria Atakoy project in Istanbul, Turkey.
  5. Queens Marina Square Tower project in Dubai, UAE.
  6. River Ranch project in Texas, USA.
  7. The Riviera project in Georgia, USA.
  8. The Park project in California, USA.
  9. The Preserve project in California, USA.

For more detailed information about Amazon Holding Developments’ other real estate projects, please refer to their official website.

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