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Akam AlRajhi Developments is a real estate development company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established to meet the growing needs of the Saudi real estate market and to provide exceptional real estate projects.

Akam AlRajhi Developments specializes in the development and construction of residential, commercial, and recreational projects at the highest quality standards. The company aims to achieve excellence in all aspects of its work by employing a specialized team and utilizing the latest technologies and practices in the real estate development industry.

Akam AlRajhi Developments’ projects encompass a diverse range of properties, including residential complexes, commercial buildings and offices, and recreational compounds. The projects are characterized by modern designs and integrated facilities that cater to the needs of customers and provide a comprehensive and comfortable living environment.

The company strives to achieve customer satisfaction and provide excellent services, whether in the planning and design phase or in the execution and delivery phase. The company also ensures the availability of excellent after-sales services to assist customers in solving any issues or inquiries they may have.

In general, Akam AlRajhi Developments aims to be a leader in the field of real estate development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contribute to improving and developing the real estate infrastructure to the highest standards and advanced technologies

Projects by Akam AlRajhi Developments

Dose North Coast Village

Dose North Coast Village by Akam AlRajhi Developments
Dose North Coast Village

Dose North Coast Village is one of the luxurious tourist villages located in the North Coast of Egypt. The village stands out for its ideal location on the Mediterranean Sea beach and provides breathtaking views of the shoreline and clear waters.

Dose North Coast Village features modern and luxurious design, offering upscale residential units such as chalets and villas designed with the highest quality and comfort standards. The spaces and designs vary to meet the needs of different customers and provide a distinctive living experience.

The village includes integrated facilities and services for the comfort and well-being of residents. These facilities include swimming pools, children’s areas, barbecue areas, entertainment zones, restaurants and cafes, and commercial centers to meet residents’ daily needs.

Dose North Coast Village is an ideal destination for spending holidays and enjoying tranquility and relaxation on the beaches of the North Coast. Residents and visitors can enjoy water activities such as swimming, diving, and water sports, in addition to indulging in a relaxing atmosphere and charming natural landscapes.

In general, Dose North Coast Village is one of the distinctive tourist destinations in Egypt, providing a luxurious residential experience and a charming natural environment on the seashore.

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